2018 Murder Mystery Masquerade

ON AUGUST 18, 2018 WE HELD A MURDER MYSTERY MASQUERADE – This event was held on the grounds of Scott & Jodie Smith’s home on Long Point (overlooking Lake Erie). almost 200 people came and, we can honestly say, everyone had a great time. There were costumes, masks, glittery dresses, New Orleans style dinner, and, unfortunately, someone did die (but not our hostess)!

Why a Murder Mystery? and Why Long Point? Actually there have been two murder mysteries associated with this part of the Island.In 1872 Elizebeth Selfe disappeared from her home and her body was found washed up on the shore. Islanders firmly believed she was the victim of foul play. In 1984 Thomas Hoyt Jones Jr., who lived at the tip of Long Point, was murdered. His assailant was found and convicted.

A BIG THANK YOU – Our thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the Murder Mystery such a great success. As a way of saying thanks we gave each one a complimentary ticket to the event. If they had time (and we hope they did) they got to sit down and have dinner sometime during the night.

FOOD AND MISCELLANEOUS CONTRIBUTIONS – Brittany Bissell, Denise Feasby, Franklin Sanitation, Steve James & Pat Fresch, Jason Hemminger, Charles & Cynthia Herndon, Island Market, Kelleys Island Brewery, Kelleys Island Ferry Boat Co., Kelleys Island Landowners Assoc., Kelleys Island Wine Co., Bruce & Leslie Korenko, Janus Rafal, Bob Simonson, Jodie & Scot Smith, Dawn Soldner, Kim & Julie Valentine, The Village Pump, Witt Tents

SILENT AUCTION – Sandy Alexander, Chicklit’s Closet, Charles & Cynthia Herndon, Kelleys Landing, Iain & Antoinette McVey, Joe Nesta, Papa T’s, Kevin & Kim Pape, Lisa & Sarah Platt, Portside Marina/Dockers, Taste By The Lake, Vi’s Island Treasures, Dennis & Jane Diemer, Denise Feasby, Rose & David Herndon, Donna Lovins, Kathey Phinney, Jodie & Scot Smith , Dawn Soldner, Fred & Elizabeth Stueber, The General Store, Chris Yako

THE WINE PULL – Teri Behrends, Dennis & Jane Diemer, Jack & Rita Eaton, Denise Feasby, Keith & Deb Haig, Jennifer Hammond, Rose & David Herndon, Island House Restaurant, Chellie Keller, Michael & Janet Killam, Carl & Kimberly Krueger, Donna Lovins, Chuck & Joy Martin, Marty & Julie Millott, Bob & Joyce Overcasher, Kathey Phinney, Lisa Poe, Laura Jean Pohorence, Denise & Charles Randazzo, Greg & Dee Dee Ritchie, Jodie & Scot Smith, Dawn Soldner, Stephanie Soldner, Fred & Elizabeth Stueber, Tom & Sonia Taylor, Chris Yako.