Solicitation of bids for site maintenance services

Kelleys Island Historical Association

Solicitation of Bids

For Site Maintenance Services 

April, 2023

The Kelleys Island Historical Association (KIHA) is a complex of three buildings, plus an outhouse and an annex, along with adjoining grounds, and one vacant, adjacent lot south of the museum building.  All the buildings require periodic inspections, maintenance, and winterizing.  In addition, the grounds require maintenance spring through late fall.  In the winter, in the event of snow, the parking lot may need to be plowed.  The Kelleys Island Historical Association Board is soliciting bids for a contractor to provide these site maintenance services. The word ‘contractor’ in this document refers to the person hired to do the prescribed maintenance work outlined in this scope of work.   

For the upcoming 2023 season, the contract would begin June 1, 2023 and continue through the end of our fiscal year, October 31, 2023.  For the 2023-2024 fiscal year, work would commence November 1, 2023 and end October 31, 2024. 

Anyone interested in bidding on this contract should respond in writing.  Bids can be hand delivered to the KIHA museum, mailed to the KIHA at PO Box 328, Kelleys Island, Ohio 43438, or emailed to the Board at [email protected].  Bids that are mailed or delivered to the Museum should be in a sealed envelope with the outside of the envelope marked, ‘Maintenance Bid.’  If the bid is emailed, the subject line of the email should read ‘maintenance bid.’

Bids must be received no later than Monday, May 15, 2023 by 5 PM.  The contract will be awarded before June 1, 2023.  Services should begin June 1, 2023.


MOWING, GRASS EDGING of walkways and along flower beds, BUSH TRIMMING, REMOVAL OF VINES.

2023:  June 1st through November 1, 2023.  Weekly mowing of all KIHA grounds.  Monthly grass edging and weed trimming, trimming bushes, and removing vines around the three buildings, annex, and outhouse and elsewhere, where needed and appropriate.

2024: mowing should begin mid-April, but only be done every two weeks until May 1st.  Starting May 1st through November 1, 2024, mowing should be done weekly.  Grass edging, trimming bushes, weed trimming and, when needed, removing vines from buildings should be done on a monthly basis, as stated above.

Up to five additional grass cuttings may be required to keep up with the growth of the lawn.  This would be at the written request of an authorized member of the KIHA board or his or her designee.  Contractor should cost out these five grass cuttings as a separate line item in the bid.


Buildings:  Conduct weekly inspections of all the buildings for maintenance issues such as leaks, roof or siding damage, etc.  This requires the Contractor to have a presence on Kelleys Island during the months when the ferry is not running.  Advise the KIHA Board in writing of any repairs that are required. 

Rodent Inspections:  Conduct monthly inspections for rodent, insect, and nuisance wildlife issues. Either include this service as part of the services provided directly by the contractor or include an estimate of the cost to subcontract for pest control services.    If pest control measures require any substantial cost or structural changes to the buildings or property, provide the KIHA Board with a written summary of the problem and the estimated work to be undertaken to eliminate the problem.  Rodent inspections require the Contractor to have an on-site presence during the months when the ferry is not running. 

Septic tanks:  Inspect septic tanks on a monthly basis in the off-season months and bi-weekly during the time the museum is open.  If there is work that needs to be done or service required, advise KIHA staff in writing of the issue and call the septic tank provider to provide the service.  Coordinate with the septic tank provider on the work to be undertaken, be on-site when the work is done, and advise KIHA board when the service has been provided and/or work is completed.  

Other Emergency Repairs:  In the event there are emergency repairs that need to be undertaken immediately, Contractor should call the Museum manager and verbally advise them of the nature of the emergency and the action the contractor is recommending.  If for some reason the contractor is unable to reach the manager in a timely manner, the contractor should contact the Board members of the nature of the problem. .   


HVAC:  Schedule and supervise HVAC seasonal maintenance services. Adjust thermostat accordingly twice a year (fall and spring). 

Water:  Inspect the parsonage cistern and the crawl spaces in both the parsonage and church building. 

Seasonally turn on water supply lines in the museum back room, no later than the first of May, and turn off the water supply lines, and drain the lines, if necessary, in early November.  

Insulation:  Reinstall existing foam board insulation material along museum garage door in early November, but no later than November 15 and remove and store the foam board in the spring.


This contract includes minor electrical, plumbing, painting and carpentry services. Purchases of minor items, such as paint, light bulbs, etc. by the contractor would not require prior Board approval. 


The Contractor should report to the KIHA Board any major repairs needed. 


As part of this bid, the Contractor should provide the Board with a proposed budget.  In his/her proposed cost estimate/budget, the Contractor should specify the cost for each line item listed in this scope of work, as well as the total monthly cost, and the total annual cost for the requested services.  


Upon the written request of the Museum Manager or the KIHA board, when snowfall exceeds 3 inches, KIHA may request that the blacktop parking lot between the church and the museum be plowed. As a separate line item, not included in the estimated base budget, the contractor should indicate what would be the charge per plow visit.   Providing this service would require that the Contractor have an on-site presence on the Island during the winter months when the ferry is not running.


Contractor will provide their own equipment and supplies.

Contractor will report to the President of the KIHA.  The President may designate the Museum and Gift Shop Manager as the on-site supervisor for the contractor.  At all times, this contract with KIHA will be ‘at will,’ meaning you, or the KIHA, may terminate the contract at any time, for any reason, with or without cause. The contractor and KIHA would provide the other party notice in writing if they intend to cancel the contract.


Contractor payments will be made on a monthly basis.  Work must be documented by date and service provided and sent to:  [email protected] and to the President of the KIHA by the fifth of the following month. As an independent contractor, you will be issued a 1099 by January 31st of the year following the year services were performed.


If potential contractors have any questions regarding this scope of work, they can contact Chris Carrig via email at [email protected].

Doc:  KIHA Maintenance scope of work 2023_Revisions inserted April 25 2023