MEETINGS – The Board meets once a month April through October with special meetings as needed.

OUR OFFICERS serve for one year and are elected at the Annual Meeting in August.

PRESIDENT – Ned Williams
SECRETARY (Recording) – Carmen Smith
SECRETARY (Corresponding) –
TREASURER – Michael Beatty

Michael Beatty – 2022 – 2025
Teri Betzenheimer-Behrends – 2021 – 2024
Janet Killam – 2021 – 2024
Jackie Polofka – 2023 – 2026
Carmen Smith – 2022 – 2025
Vacancy – 2022 – 2025
Chad Waffen – 2021 – 2026
Ned Williams – 2020 – 2023
Jeri Yoest – 2022 – 2025 *filling a vacated role effective 2023



MICHAEL BEATTY – Michael joined the Board in 2019. He is a sixth generation Kelleys Island descendant and hobbyist genealogist. Michael currently serves as the President of the Stonebridge Creek Homeowners Association Board of Directors which includes managing association legislation, and mediating communication between members and property management services. In the past, he has also served on the Board of Directors for the Ohio Waterfowl Association. Professionally, Michael is a Senior Software Developer for the Sherwin-Williams Corp. Recently, Michael worked with State of Ohio Representatives to draft and enact legislation that formally named a picnic area in the Kelleys Island State park in honor of his Great Grandfather, Henry T. Beatty, near the site Henry’s commercial fish house once stood. As a hobbyist genealogist, Michael has done extensive research on the ancestry of Kelleys Island. Michael maintains an online family tree of Kelleys Island’s ancestry where he continues a collaborative effort with various people of Island lineage to expand the depth of the Island’s ancestral data.


A glass artist born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. She was fortunate to spend her summers growing up on Kelleys Island. She moved away in 2016 after graduating from BGSU to focus on her passion for glass. Last spring she moved back to Kelleys in hopes to share her passion with the community here! 

“I interested in joining the Historical Association board because I love Kelleys Island. This past year was my first winter on the island and helping out at the History Museum was one of my favorite things I did. I love learning more about this place that I call home, and I also love teaching others about it. I believe that I can offer a fresh perspective on some of the things you have going on. And I am looking for more beneficial ways I can integrate myself into the island community. “

JANET KILLAM – Janet joined the Board in 2015 and was re-elected in 2018. Janet boasts that the island is her most favorite spot on earth so fortunately for her she inherited her family’s North Bay cottage. It has been in the family since the late 1940s. Her parents, Leo and Marian Goldner, were founding members of KI Landowners Assoc. and Janet serves on its board. She’s a long time member of the KI Audubon Club, the book club, she is trying to find her artistic side in the art class, is learning knitting at the Zion Church knit group, loves to fish, paddle board, is an avid gardener, and helped bring the infectious sport of Pickleball to the island. Janet was one of the forces behind the opening of the Parsonage Resale Shop.

TERI BETZENHEIMER-BEHRENDS – Teri has served on the Board since 2009 and was re-elected in 2018. That new garden alongside the church? That was Teri’s idea. The quilts we raffle off each year? Also Teri’s work. She carries on the tradition of her family in maintaining and caring for the parsonage and the Old Stone Church. The Betzenheimer family moved into the parsonage in 1919, acting as caretakers for the Church. Teri’s father, Alvin, and his siblings were born in the parsonage and the Betzenheimer family lived there all their lives, until Sis Betzenheimer moved out around 2010. That adds up to almost 90 years of Betzenheimer residency. since Teri joined the Board she has served as its Secretary and Vice President. In 1994 Teri made a quilt for a raffle, and has made 22 quilts, one each year, for the museum benefit. Her quilts are always gorgeous and the raffle tickets are a major source of income for the museum. Like any superhero, she has a day job working for an insurance agency in Port Clinton.

CHAD WAFFEN – Chad was appointed to the Board to fill the unexpired term of Patti Fresch. He has been a KIHA member for several years and wanted to do more and it seemed appropriate because Patti was his Aunt by marriage. He has been coming to Kelley’s since his teenage years and has had a home here since 2001. Since the pandemic, he has been a full time resident, and hopes to stay over the winter again. He has a degree in chemistry, and Masters degrees in business and anthropology. He wrote his thesis on prehistoric settlement patterns in the western basin of Lake Erie. He brings to the table expertise in marketing strategy and research with experience managing a broad range of strategic initiatives, research and analytics projects, as well as marketing program management and market development efforts. He also published a book about the islands that is sold in our gift shop, and has a huge interest in the history and pre-history of the islands. He currently works remotely for the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland doing research and serves on the boards of Firelands Archaeology, and a local caving group.

NED WILLIAMS – Ned was elected to the Board in 2017 and re-elected in 2020. He is the third generation of his family to own their cottage, and the fourth to spend part of his life on this island. It began with his great-grandfather Norman E. Hills, whose book, “A History of Kelley’s Island,” is sold in the museum gift shop. He developed a fascination with the history of Kelleys Island and he can often be found in the library learning about the old island families and pouring over the research of Kurt Boker and others who have written and documented facets of the Island’s history. He believes in knowing and preserving its history, and sharing that history with all who live and visit here.


served as a board member for the 2013 – 15 term.   Family issues prevented me from continuing my service.  Currently, I am confident that I have resolved the issues that prevented my participation in KIHA and would like to be considered for a position on the board.

During my tenure on the Board I:

 -Identified sources via The Ohio History Connection in Columbus for grant money for two signage projects and the successful rebranding project

-Identified and co-recruited an Americorps volunteer

 -Introduced the idea of a mascot for the museum (a project Janet Goldner completed with great success)

 -Developed and delivered the skeleton for Oral Histories to be conducted, protected, and archived.  Among the many things I learned, there is liability in producing such personal work, from the risk of slander to copyright protection. I worked with two attorneys to develop protections relative to this work.

I feel that there are many other candidates that could and should be included in this project, and I would like to manage that effort.

In addition to interviews, I would like to review the material we collect and use it to develop educational programming to benefit KIHA. In my opinion, it is not sufficient to collect history; we must expand our knowledge and educate future generations about our heritage.

My education includes several relevant topics: a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Barry University in Miami, Florida, and coursework at The Ohio State University on Folklore which required interviewing and transcription.  I have extensive project management experience from a career in a Fortune 500 company.

I am also a fifth generation Islander.