Our Ghostly Island

Jordan Killam and Leslie Korenko sat down with some Chicago-based ghost hunters here on Kelleys Island. We talked about the Island, its history and if there were any reports of supernatural occurrences. Prior to their arrival, the Chamber posed the question on Facebook – with surprising results. Islanders were very generous in sharing their own, or their relatives, experiences with ghosts and things that go bump in the night. Jordan spoke of her own family’s unique gift and Leslie talked about the Island’s history. The guys spent the rest of the day exploring the Island and talking with some people who had first-hand experiences with some really odd occurrences.

You can listen to the four podcasts on their website or on YouTube. We thank Jason Denordo and his group for taking the time to explore the more unusual aspects of Kelleys Island (their website is https://chicagoghostpodcast.com/). They also did an excursion to Put-in-Bay, which you can also find on YouTube.

Haunted Kelleys Island – Episode 76 – This is the original interview with Leslie and Jordan before the guys went out exploring. There are some fun discussions about the Island’s history, as well as some lesser known stories about the island’s past.

Kelleys Island Wine Co – Episode 77

Southaven – Episode 78

Island House Restaurant Episode 79

Here are some of the things that Leslie and Jordan talked about: Kelley’s Mansion, the Glacial Grooves, Inscription Rock, the Island House/Trieschman ghost, the Southaven Winery, the stone house at the KI Wine co., Estes School, the cemetery, the Stone Crusher on the North Side, and that creepy doll in the museum.

And, every so often, someone posts the ghost question on Facebook – here are some of the answers:
When I worked at West Bay I was told that often bands would stay upstairs but they didn’t like it. One time a group was staying there, woke up to something scary and ended up sleeping in their cars that night.  I avoided going into the basement because it was super creepy…

The house on the east side of Division that is being completely renovated, including installing septic, etc. Totally haunted! We looked at the house when it was for sale in fall of 2019. While we were upstairs looking around, things were rearranged all over the front room. It was silent, but things had been moved.

We stayed with Norby years ago, 4 of us kids all saw a white ghost apparition of a mother in a rocker with a baby bed next to her in one of the upstairs bedrooms. There was no rocker or baby bed in that room – My cousins also saw what we did when they were kids. These were Dean’s kids. They said it seemed to be our first nations great grandmother. Hair in a long braid. I remember that detail too. Also, both Mark and I remember seeing two seated men playing chess. Boots, hats and warm coats on both of them. So weird, but you never know.

Lots of guests at the Linde-Camp have reported encounters. Belongings go missing, someone sits on the bed while you’re sleeping. We believe its Florence Lindecamp, who passed away in the home.

Ghost of a young boy in Schaefer’s house on Division. Possibly Mike Brennan; he was hit and killed by my grandfather in 1933… was his grandparents house

My parents were told that when Kennedy’s lived in our house that Mrs. Kennedy was killed by a car out front and could be seen walking on Bookerman from time to time. I never saw anything

You know about my house when you were the caretaker. Can you tell some stories? I never had any keys butt would frequently come home to locked doors. (The captains house). Had forgotten! Weird stuff: rocking chair changing positions overnight-which we blamed on Captain Ort [Moore] getting restless, and downright scary; me coming in the kitchen door on bright sunny day and being confronted by guttural, threatening growl from the corner by the table. I still remember backing out quickly and searching the perimeter of the house for a large (!) stray dog with no success. Gives me chills recounting…