Over the last 10 years, we began a massive undertaking – to stabilize and restore our historic properties and open a full-fledged museum in a new building.

While we tackle a new, big project almost every year – we didn’t realize just how much we accomplished until someone asked about the date that we moved into our new history museum building.

In going through all the old files and newsletters, we were stunned to see just how much we have accomplished over the years. From our humble beginnings in the church to a roomy new museum – we couldn’t have done it without the support, cooperation and hard work of our volunteers and members.

Restore floor with new joists, restore bell tower (damaged ridge boards & cap beams, fasten bell hammer and re-support the housing, and prime and paint), restore church walls (scraping old paint, prime and paint), and linseed oil the floors. $9725

Church – Rebuilt bell tower – $6310

Association – Delores Cole designs our first website
Museum – Ground breaking for new museum building

Museum – Doors officially open June 26, 2010 on new museum building

Church – Temporary reinforcement of floor joists in altar area – $400
Church – Furnace and air conditioning installed – $12,000

Museum – Frozen pipes destroyed the ceiling, some plumbing and quite a bit of donated yard sale items. Fortunately, insurance covered most of the destruction.
Museum – Repair Backflow preventer, replace autovents on boiler. Fix heat pump – $1000
Church – Foundation drainage installed around church and parsonage – $4452
Church – New drain tile and sump pump $5560
We received two grants: $6300 Frost Parker Foundation and $7500 from the Erie Co. Foundation
Church – Repaired long-standing roof leak and repaired front doors – $500
Church – Repaired church step and railing

Museum – Backflow Preventer failed – repaired $506
Museum – Backflow unit leaking and auto air vent needed replacement – $700
Church & Parsonage – New Historic Marker $450. Received a $2800– Grant from Ohio History Parsonage – Pulled propane tank and discontinued electric service to save quarterly service charge –Savings over 3 years: $1,000
Parsonage – new rear sidewalk and dump drain $1825
Parsonage – new sidewalk $742
Association – Website redesigned and expanded – Donation by Leslie Korenko, value $5,000

Museum – Museum displays redone with over 100 posters and hundreds of old photos-Work donated
Association – Major fundraiser – Breakers Ball
Parsonage – Install cement floor in small back room $567

Church – New Windows – $20,000 mostly funded by window adoptions

Parsonage – Replaced custom spindles on stairs (Donation from Jodie and Scot Smith – $640)
Parsonage – Installed new outlets, checked lights and added new circuits – $1450
Parsonage – First full year open
Museum – Humidifier installed and air conditioning extended to storage/office area
Association – New logo adopted

Parsonage – Electric upgrade $1500
Association – Purchase of Haas adjoining property $30,000 (1/2 funded by donations).

Parsonage – Whole house Insulation $6500
Museum – Remove dead tree and pricker bushes $850
Church – Steeple repairs (replace damaged or missing louvers, install new wire mesh behind louvers and repaint $5800
Church – Front doors – Scrape, sand prime and finish and paint doors and area around doors. Doors were removed and plywood sealed opening $5815

Move website to new platform (estimate received for $22,000, Work donated by Leslie Korenko)
Parsonage – New windows throughout (pending)
Redo outhouse
New expansion building for Resale Shop