Home Town News 1978-1983

THE HOME TOWN NEWS – Published November 1978 through 1983
by Carol A. Elfers. Thanks to Patti Fresch and Leslie Korenko for not just scanning in all these issues, but for creating the contents paragraphs for each.

November 1978 – “Just when you thought you had lost all ties with the island for the winter, along comes a new publication which is designed to help you fight off the winter doldrums – The Kelleys Island Home Town News. A Bridge to the Past.” Nelson P. Dwelle who fished for Lay Bros. in the 1930-50s. Square Dance at the town hall. 2000 boy scouts camped on the island – 2nd jamboree. Tips from the tackle box of Glen Tetzloff. Photos from Third Annual Homecoming Day –KI Landowners Assoc. Featured: Lee Myers, Hank Knapp, Bill Gorchester. Jean Licytenbert and mother hand-embroidered quilt for their cottage. KI water tower welded inside and exterior painted.

December 1978 – Carol A. Elfers-Editor’s diary – events of the last month, Ben Elfers & Neuman boat Line hayride with Bob Swanson & John Kennedy decorated quarry road. Halloween at the cemetery featured Julie Kennedy, Hugh Lange, Chuck Pascoe, Loe Lalonde. Bingo at the VFW, bon fire. Police Chief Norbert McKillips had a birthday, Helen Marchky furnished cake. Other birthdays: L. J. Greek and Mary Schock. Summer wedding vows-Bruce & Holly Vash at Taylor’s Toehold, Joe Ehrbar, Tootie Elfers, Walters Elfers. Letters from Del Ehrbar, A. L. Rumel, Cleone Bloom, Theo & Franklin Clark, Teresa Frobieter. Picture of long line at Marblehead. Jeanette Kuchar recaps family history. Christmas Eve party 30 years ago: Les Beatty, Knapps, Fritz Martin, Orly Beatty. No Winter Doldrums by Mrs. Lee Myers. Obits for Laura Seeholzer and Amanda Rosfelder Karen Kazorek paints t-shirts. What’s Happening-mentioned: Henry Beatty, Dick, Jane, Mark Anthony Navorska, Mary Rosetta, Jerry & Marge Alaburda, Mary (McKillips) & Joseph Dolezal, Paul Matso, Barbara Knapp, Florence Block, Kim Kreimes, Harry Willis (State Park), Mike Seeholzer, Monica & Joe Feyedelem, M/M John Liwosz, Joan & Logan Bickley and Peggy Martin. Beckers Diary, Becker’s Barn and Elise Becker. Fishing update by Glen Teteloff.