Home Town News 1979

January 1979 – Editor Carol A. Elfers & Julie Kennedy Sec-Treas. Letters from Emil Hach, Jean Dwelle, Jane & Warren Bartel, Annette Asche, Evelyn Parks and John Neuman. Profile on Rev. Warren Walton. Birthdays: Jean Dwelle, Harriet Martin, Ralph Dietrich, Bertha Agnew Seward (Mrs. Howard Navorska’s mother age 101). What’s Happening – people mentioned: Gary, Al, Brian  and Ali Brian of the Big House; Bob & Pixie Schwartz; Dr. & Mrs. Heinz Boker; Vi Haig; Ruth Stafford; Kevin Haig; Paula Haig; Carol, Bob, & Bobby Swanson; Pam Betzenheimer; Teresa Trumpower; John & Virginia Neuman; Jim & Betty Jones; Charlie Pascoe; Joe Wolfe; Reese Davis, Fireman’s Ball; Frank Parks (new fire chief); Chucta family from Michigan. Obits: George Benya, Daniel Gibbons, Martha Atchley. Fishing tips. The Village Pump/Martin’s Bar.

February 1979 – Editor Carol A. Elfers mourns and remembers Vi Haig and Floyd Erne. Coradine Myers writes about her children and Steve Kekelik, Marge & Al Rumel, Jessie Martin, George Yoscovitz, Florence and her Mom (Pohorence), Jim Seeholzer, Don Williams, Eral Bowman, Franklin Clark, Theo Martin, Floyd Erne. News: O. Hugh Lange, Joe LaLonde, Fred Walcott, John Kilko. Poem about Indian Inscription Rock by Josephine Krizek (Pohorence). Long list of Islanders and their nicknames. Radio presentation of a Christmas special written by Rev., John C. Sherbno of St. Michael’s Church. Winter count: 114-127 winter residents, 56 homes occupied, 54 over age 65, 13 students in school and 2 at EHOVE, 180 registered voters, 725 property owners and 14 vacant homes., 72 trailers/mobile homes, 391 summer and 56 winter homes. Birthday: Marian Goldner and Kate Boker. Photo from 20 years ago: Bob, Pixie, Digger, Patty, Peter & Cathy Schwartz, Florence & Hal Block, Ed, Rita, Jim, & Greg Violand, Carolyn, Bob Nancy & Bruce Colby, Schwartz, and hound dog Drummer. Ellen Gerrasch write about visiting the Island, and letters from John & Nadine Mack, Florence (Pohorence) Chittenden, Betty & Earl Bowman, Aunt Eilene Martin, Toby & Nora Zettler (from Sydney Australia), and Caroline DeBoard. Busy people: KILA, Marshall Bokerman, Catherine Boker, John Kennedy, Edward Violand, Jack Winnen, shoreline erosion project, renovations to water tower, waterlines installed in Hunter-cruse and Sunset Subdivision, John Neuman, Hank Knapp, PFC Jerome Yoscovits, George Yoscovits. Fishing tips by Glen Tetzloff.

March 1979 – Page 1 – Personal Slants from the Editor by Carl A Elfers. Page 2 – Taking time to Appreciate Life by Coradine Myers. George Yoscovits, 1978 blizzard, Laura Jean Pohorence, Pt Lucks, Bud Yoscovits, Ronnie Myers, Marshall Bokerman, Marie Feyedelem, Firemans Ball, Mollie Yoscovits, Ice fishing, Mary Schock, Godfried Schock, Jerry Bozic, Ethel Raum, Jeannette Kuchar, Jesse Martin, Jake Martin, Joe Onders, garage fire, Martha Onders, Big Chuck Schodowski, Hollihan, Ethel Fox, Alex Bevan, Ted Blatt, Ben Elfers, Iceboat the Zero II, Brown, Carol Elfers, Julie Kennedy, Craig Brown.  Page 4 – Speaking of Books: Kelleys Island Branch Library, Iola Reidy, Library hours. Photo: Ramp at Neuman Boat Line. Page 5 – Land Transfers: m Ann Schlicht Millott, Vincent Schlicht, Lloyd Marchky, Richard E Shave. Kelleys to get used Sheriffs Cruiser. Island Nicknames; Henry ‘Butch” Balmier, William “Buss” Duignan, William “Whitey” Sennish, Ronny “Roches” Beatty. Would you Believe: A whopper of a fish story. Leo Goldner, Bill Gorchester, Heinz Boker, VFW, Virginia Miller. Page 6 – Volunteers needed for fire department, John Kilko, William Gorchester, Frank Parks, Jim Seeholzer, Rob Watkins. Does any on need a well, John Kennedy. Page 7 and 8 – Crossword puzzle featuring Island People and Places. Page 9 and 10 – Our Readers Write: Ted Blatt, Homecoming, Bonnie Blatt, Helen Marchky, Charlie Martin, Frank Betzenheimer, Lawrence Betzenheimer, Frank Pohorence, Kurt Boker, Sennish, Russ Matso, Bea Matso, Carl Miller, Pat Haig, Ken Haig, Del Ehrbar, Rusty Kurtz, Roger ”Ike” Kurtz. Linda Kurtz, Shari Kurtz, Debbie Kurtz. Photo: Rusty Kurtz, Jerry Taylor, Caroline Taylor, Brooks M Jones, Katherine B Jones, Francis Watkins, Dr. Art Walkins, Elic Watkins, Robin Watkins, Kim Watkins, Land Owners Homecoming picnic, White Elephant Sale. Page 12 – Spotlight on People: Ron Bechtel, Lydia Dwelle, “The Fishermans Daughter”. Tips from the Tackle Box by Glen Tetzloff: Fishing license increase, Pike, Perch, Bluegill, Fish Chili recipe. Page 14 – Obituaries: Rev Joseph Ehrbar, Sunset View Cottage, Edward Ehrbar, Albert Ehrbar. Gertrude Biebelhausen Ehrbar. Back Cover – Photo: Downtown looking North on Division St. Advertisements: Neuman Boat Line Schedule, Gary Harmon Realty.

April 1979 – Personal Slants, From the Editor by Carol A. Elfers. How To Live Like A Millionaire by Coradine Myers, Joe Onders, Father Joseph Ehrbar, Eleanor Liwosz, Dan Ahnet, Ron Beatty, Florence Block, Kurt Boker, Eric Watkins, Art :ann, Lee Myers, Bud Yoscovitz, Vange Bugle, Jim Bugle, Burt Miller, Coke Miller, Lee Brown, Roy Fox, Marge Rumel, Pastor Walton, Charlie Hibbs, Rob Watkins, Harry Willis, Jeff Conklin, Vicky Leach, Geraldine Betzenheimer, Frankie Kleenhem, Tammy Kleenhem, Bea Matso, Pat Seeholzer, Lucille Mathews, Sis McKillips, Pat Haig, Paula Haig, Donna Farmer, Ethel Fox, Marshall Bokerman, Sandy Bockerman, Ben Elfers, Saint Patricks Day, Kelleys Island Cookbook. Another Sure Sign Of Spring: Swanson Returns to Wheelhouse: Bob Swanson, Bobby Swanson, Challenger, Mascot, Messenger, Carol Haig.Photo: Bob and Bobby Swanson in the Wheelhouse. Photo: Don Beatty. Letter to Editor of another newspaper …inserting the name Kelleys Island in place of original place. Kelleys Island Egg Collection of 1927. Photos: Steve Feyedelem, Neva Dwelle, Catherine Lange, Florence Dwelle, Cecil Marchky, Helen Parkinson, Oliver Schlesselman, Paul Bauman, Esther Bauman. Our Readers Write: Gertrude Bugel, Barney Bugel, Adney McKillips, Wilma McKillips, Fran Betch, Joe Betch, Angela Betch, Jim Byrne, Bernadette McKillips Byrne, Del Ehrbar, Laverne Ehrbar. We Enjoy the KI Hometown News: Rita Violand, Ed Violand, John Neuman, Bob Schwartz. Fishing Tips From The Tackle Box by Glen Tetzloff. Cottage Names Past and Present: Rock Haven, Fair Harbor, Bay View Cottage, Champs Point, Hideaway, Old Nest, Mansion, Pleasant View, Sun Set Point, Sun Rise Point, Wigwam, Villa, Ponderosa, West End Club, Fisherman’s Daughter, Fisherman’s Granddaughter, Big House, Markus Village, Towle House, The Ark, Maple Vale, Poncho’s Villa, The Shack, Cozy Corner, Wood Drift Inn, House By the Side Of The Rock, Bears Den, Linde-Camp, Peg’s Place, Son of a Beach, Holiday Lakes, The Nook, Six Voltz, Dew Drop Inn, Brians Acres, Camp Patmos, Tickets, Cove, Squeezem Inn, Hackberry Hill, Cricket Lodge, Taylors Toe Hold, Chigger Hollow, Scoda Movich. Land Transfers: Charles D Corso, Myron C Priebe, Leonard Weintraub, Gary Schmidt, Eleanor Pospeshil, Joseph E. Fournier, Clair F Peterson, Christopher E. Wise, Larry A Schlussmann, Joseph H Lalond, Raymond J. Orient, Robert E. Swindell. Good News: Don Beatty, Mary Ellen Beatty, Tom Beatty. Advertisement: Gary Harmon Realty, Inc.

May 1979 – Page 1 – Don’t Swat that Honey Bee: L J Greek, Honey bees, Hives. Photo: L J Greek. Page 2 and 3 – There’s Good News and some Bad News by Coradine Myers: Carol Elfers, Julie Kennedy, Frankie Kleenex, Marina, St Patrick’s Day, VFW, Elic Watkins, Brian Hibb, Barry Hibb, Mollie Yoscovits, Donna Farmer, Kurt Boker, Marie Feyedelem, Kim Watkins, Rob Watkins, Fishing derby, Jim Seeholzer, George Yoscovits, Jim Bugle, Mary Williams, Roy Fox, Ethel Fox, Elmer Craft, Jim Russell, Donna Nowak, Jake Martin, Zion United Methodist Church, Helen Marchky, Father Zak, Father Sherbno, St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Easter Egg Hunt, Village Square. Page 4 – Band Concert at Pavilion: Alex Bevan, Page 5 – Our Readers Write: Elic Watkins, Kim Watkins, Bob Schwartz Pixie Schwartz, Eleanor Zettler. Page 6 – It’s a Good Day to Meet a Friend; Larry Eaton, Mandy Elfers, Father Ehrbar, Carol Elfers, Winny. Photo: Larry Eaton and Mandy Elfers. Page 7 – Memorial Day: Parade, Town Hall Veterans, Jared Dwelle, Carl Gerkin, Adney McKillips. Photos: Jim Seeholzer, Mike Seeholzer, Jimmy Seeholzer, Chris Seeholzer. Nick Bianchi. Walter Gasieski. Page 9 – Lets talk about me: Estes School, Dr William Burger, Dr Heinz Boker, Dr Hugo Brown DDS Rastis Huntington DDS Frank Nowak, DDS Joe Nowak, Father Richard Bauman, Father Joseph Meyers, Father Adolph Seeholzer, Sister Helen Bauman, Sister Marcella Myers, Professor Arnold Scheele, Professor Don Beatty, Sister Margaret Marco, Professor Clarence Ward, Professor Carl Merkhin, Rev Teddy Bickly, DDS Peter Nowak, Cape Frank Hamilton, Cape Clarence Gerlach, Linda Erne, Jean Mosey White, Margaret Perkinson, Helen Marshy, Elko Sennish, Leon Balmier, Ruth Rostrum Koehler, Lizabeth Martin, Julia Maag, Lillian Maag, Mona Sue Betzenheimer, Mary Louise Diffley McNutt, Marjorie Derringer, Charles Riedy, John R Lange, Milton Blatt, Michael Semanson, Joe Nador, Glenn Haas, John, Reinheim, William Cockle, Harold Keifer, Sandra Elfers, Dorothy Jean Elfers, Miriam Reinheim Haas, Harriet Meyers, Mary Marchky, Laurie Reit, O Hugh Lange, Roger Kurtz, Charles Martin Jr., Dick Schnittker, Max Schnittker, Lyle Schnittker, Clayton Hamilton, Nellie Elfers, Nadine Brown, Kurt poker, Evangeline Bonchi, Hazel Lange, Catherine Lange, Marge Concle, Page 10 – Nick Names: Charlie: Charlie “Butch” Erne, William “Platty” Blatt, Helen “Jazzy” Sabo, Anna “Chicky” Lenyo, Quinton “Lefty” Heckel, Justine “Tiny” Lenyo, Ralph “Cobby” Dwelle, John “Tinky” Feyedelem, Lawrence “Fuzzy” Feyedelem, George “ Spug” Sabo, Frank “Daze” Lange, Carl “Collie” Lange, Hugo “Hooks” Seeholzer, Nelson “Polywog” Dwelle, George “Stocky” Dwelle, Myron “Tim” Dwelle, Tom “Ricky” Duigan, Carl “Rip” Erne, Rolland “Rosco” Erne, Fred “Fidler” Martin, Albert “Gabby” Hauzer, Elaine “Spider” Martin, Eileen Speck or Moe” Martin, Fritz “Huck” Martin, Frank “Chick” Hamilton, Jim “Pappy” Russell. Cottage Nicknames: Fishermans Rest, Shangri-La, Largo Vista, Winter’s Summer Home, Kady Did, Orchard Haven, Cove, Morning Glory. Page 11 – Land Transfers: Nancy Ann Hartman, Wallace B Murphy, William H Overcasher, Oliver H Williams, John Kilko. New Parents: Mike McCune, Sally McCune, Scott Pargney McCune, Photo: O Hugh Lange refill gas on ice trip to Marblehead. Page 12 – New Island Residents Find Helium Balloon From Michigan 1St Grade Class: Kampe, Ken Archer, Kathy Archer, Kevin Archer, Kellie Archer, Kenny Archer. Page 14 – Spot Light on People: Len Bickley, Commercial fisherman, nets, Dick Bier, Wedding, Alcott, Herb Bickley.

June 1979 – Cover – Our Graduates, Class of 1979. Photo: Anthony “Tony” Siciliano, Vinnie Thorne, Michael Seeholzer. Page 1 – Real Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder by Coradine Myers. Zion Methodist Church, Pot Luck, Warren Walton, Mary Walton, Mother’s Day, Lisa Matso, Connie Matso, Eleanor Liwosz, Caroline Taylor, O Hugh Lange, VFW, Virginia Kilko, Duke Kilko, Dewey Johnson, Oscar McKillips, Mary Agustas Hughes, Alex Bevan,Ted Blatt, Bonnie Blatt. Page 3 – St Michael’s Church, Early Childhood Religious Development classes, Teri Bianchi, Jeff Kennedy, Jim Kennedy, Maple tree, Father Zak. Page 4 – Land Transfer: Oliver H Williams, John Kilko, Edward G Lauginiger, Joseph R Lalond, Gary P Schmidt, Edward Pospeshil, Joseph E Fournier, Howard M Dye III, Paul H Mielke. Birthdays: Eila Russell, Helen Marchky, Marge Rumel, Ben Elfers, Eric Elfers, Ruth Schnittker, Peg Martin, Henrietta Beatty, Amanda Elfers, O Hugh Lange, Caroline Taylor, John Kennedy, Jeff Kennedy. Page 5 – Obituaries: Kathleen Bell Lange, Estes School, John Lange, Ivan T Lange, O Hugh Lange, Anne Lange Shaw, Kenneth Bell, Orville H Lange, Ivan Bell, Julie Kennedy. Page 6 – Firefighters Training, John Kilko, Jim Seeholzer,     Carl Yoscovits, Henry Knapp, James M Seeholzer, Dick Sennish, Leroy Myers, Frank Parks, Joe Onders, Roy Fox, John Beck, Tim Kilko, Marshall Bokerman, Charles Hibb, Rob Watkins, Ted Blatt, Steve McKillips, Bill Gorchester, Wayne Finger, Ken Haig, John Kennedy, Tip Dye. Photo: Picture Water and Division  Looking North. Page 7 – Our Readers Write: Toby Zettler, Nora Zettler, Catherine Keeler, Emil Hach, Agnes Hach. Photo: Toby Zettler. Page 8 – Eleanor Harris, Bucky Harris, Lou Giglliotti, Vic Gigliotti, Chet Bell, Evelyn Bell, Din-A-Lings, Ding-Dong-Bells, Easter Egg Hunt, Pat Haig, Kim Watkins, Sharon Bianchi, Wayne Finger, Russ Matso, Don Nowak, Donna Nowak, Frank Pohorence, Dick Sennish, Vange Bugel, John Neuman, Sue Griffing, Harry Griffing, Mrs Jerry Alaburda, Jeanne Tolson, John Hostal, Terri Bianchi, Rick Taylor, John Yeager. Page 9 – Brown Wins Award: Ronald Brown, Paul F Brown, Helen Brown, Lee Brown. Photo: Kurt Boker, Dr Heinz Boker, Estes School. Page 10 – Graduation: J W Walton, Mike Seeholzer, Tony Siciliano, Vinnie Thorne, Heinz Boker, Alex Bevan, Kelleys Island in the Sun, Wayne Finger, Rev Dan Zak, St Michael’s Church Hall. Page 12 – Making It: Estes School, Iola Riedy, Helen Elfers, Mary Perkins, Olive Heckel, Ann Lange, Ruth Reinheimer, Marie Ann Riedy, Catherine Bauman, Frances, Bauman, Margaret Bauman, Marion Reimlinger, Marie Seeholzer, Theresa Seeholzer, Mary Ellen Bauman, William Bauman, Dave Brown, Robert Brown, Rose Brown, Ernest Fenwick, Ray Feyedelem, Clara Ditchie, Jerome Ditchie, Edward Gerkins, Helen Perkinson, John Semanson, Ted Suhr, Terry Sun, Catherine Lange, Hazel Lange, Harriet Myers, Marge Concle, William Cockle Jr. It’s a sure thing: No bake bake sale, Interested Citizens of Kelleys Island, PTA. Photo: Slim Yoscovits, Robin Watkins, Memorial Day, Kim Watkins, Rob Watkins. Advertisement: Dirty Don’s Casino.

July 1979 – MISSING

August 18, 1979 – This issue is called Friends and features several islanders with their stories. Who is this Coradine Myers and where’d she come from. The glacial grooves – excavation began in 1972 to uncover the hidden grooves. Happy 50th anniversary to Logan and Catherine Bickley who were married on the Island, parents of Martin & Eileen Beerck, and sharing a little family history. Three generations share Jim (Pappy) & Eila Russell’s love for the Island; daughter Caroline (& Jerry) Taylor, son Cliff Donley. 19 young people gathered in the Village hall and, sitting in rocking chairs, rocked for hours for the painting fund of the Zion Methodist Church. Helen Winnen remembers all those who helped them when they lived here (Father Sherbno,Bert Miller, Pee Wee and Kim & Rob Watkins, Coradine and Jim Seeholzer. Bob & Pixie Schwarts, Ray Kladel, Ed Ondrak. A song about Kelleys Island. Harriet Farrar passed away May 29, 1979. Graduation day – Bert Miller and Coke, Vinnie Thorne, Vange & Jim Bugle (as Tony graduates), Jim & Pat Seeholzer (Mike) mentioned. Windy Richard Wingate turns Kamp Kellisle in a hostel for stranded students. Eleanor Liwosz recovering from broken ribs. Eileen Johnson’s husband Dewey died. John Neuman took him to McGruder. People dropping by to say hello: Bucky Harris, Roy Fox, Jakie Martin, Mary Schock. Storm demolished trees on Titus Road near W. lakeshore. A wall of water about 10’ high poured from the sky. Pastor Warren Walton is new Deacon, Mrs. Paul Eckert, Mary Walton, Coradine Myers and Bonnie Blatt were all hospitalized recently. Velma Betzenheimer announced her first grandchild (parents Mark and wife) named Alexander Betzenheimer. Sharon Bianchi and Kim Watkins open The Fish Net featuring hand crafted items on the Casino dock. Nancy Kelley – 9th generation Kelley, father was William Kelley. Spotlight on People: Marge & Al Rumal & uncle Tepley. Advertisement for Dirty Don’s Casino.

September/October 1979Front Cover – Photo: Land Owners Steering Committee, Bill Gorchester, Marian Goldner, Leo Goldner, Page 1 – Island Mayor Race, Bill Gorchester, Fern Gorchester, Morie Asch, Annette Asch, Mike McCune, Martins Bar, Sally McCune. Page 3 – “Welcome Back To School” Sponsored By VFW, Wayne Finger, Terry Bianchi, Peggy Bianchi, Robin Watkins, Pam Haig, Elic Watkins, Barry Lynn, Brian Lynn, Lisa Matso, Chis Seeholzer, Kevin Haig, Steven Lynn, Connie Matso, Marie Feyedelem, Paul Matso, Kurt Boker, Donna Farmer, Pat Seeholzer, Mr. & Mrs. K Knapp, Joe Onders, Bob Schnittker, Bud Yoscovits, Jim Terwilliger, Bill Gorchester, Jim Seeholzer, Ken Haig, Kim Watkins, Rob Watkins, Brian Feyedelem, Deb Seeholzer, Mike Seeholzer, Ted Blatt, Herb Bickley. First visit for Miller Ferry: Miller Boat Line, Neuman Boat Line, John Neuman, Bill Market. Page 4 – Obituaries: Frank Volz, Fredalena Erne Volz, Connie Volz Feyedelem, Larry Feyedelem, Robert Volz, Richard Volz, James Volz, Louis Volz, Mary McFeeters Voltz, John Volz, Martin Volz, Luke Volz, Margaret Volz. William Lange, William J Volz Jr., Easter E Lange Carlson, Ruth F Lange Bandeen, Lois M Lange Bachman, Millard E Lange, Florence Schott, Hazel Dining Lange, Orville Lange. Homecoming…Another Winner. Page 5 – Reader express: Earl Bowman, Bob Bowman, Marge Newcomb. Lost and Found: Hugh Lange, Jim Bugel, Ted Blatt, Joe Onders, Joe LaLond, Sharon Bianchi, Kim Watkins, “The Fish Net”. Page 6 – Their Opinion: Jim Gerry, Magie Gerry, Mary Marchky, Margaret Perkinson. Page 7 – Annual Picnic Photos: Assorted pictures from Homecoming. Page 10 – Florence Pohorence Chittenden Oil Painting, Donna Ahner, Danny Ahner, Jimmy Stein, Lucille Mathews, St. Michael’s Church. Photo: Florence Pohorence Chittenden. Where are they now? Ruth Beatty Blatt, Verber, Knapps, Keith Blatt, Neva Dwelle. Page 11 – Being the Lines by Coradine Myers:  Lee Myers, Homecoming, Land Owners Association, Carol Vogler Elfers, Julie Kennedy, Ted Blatt, Ladies of St. Michael’s Catholic Church, John Neuman, Bert Miller, Wayne Finger, Frank Pohorence, Jack Winnen, Helen Winnen, Wally Raum, John Hawala, Mrs. William McKillips,  Norma Blatt, Milton Blatt, Godfried Schock, Fritz Martin, Peggy Martin, Rose Dwelle, Nelson Dwelle, Elmer Craft, Zion Methodist Church, Bob Dwelle. Page 13 – Halloween Hayride. Land Transfers: Arua l Johnson, Evelyn M Laux. We Goofed: Richard Paynter. Page 14 – Anniversary: Bill Gorchester, Fern Gorchester, Bob Schwartz, Pixie Schwartz, Renata Matso, Lloyd Matso, Geraldine Betzenheimer, Lawrence Betzenheimer, Walter Elfers, Mary Elfers, Russ Matso Bea Matso. Birthdays: Karen Seeholzer, Peggy Bianchi, Terry Bianchi, Lisa Matso. Ode To Our German Relatives by Mary Schock. Carina. Advertisements: Kelleys Island Home Town News T Shirt, Dirty Don’s Casino, Hacker’s Wagon Wheel, M.P. McCune Realty.

October 1979 – MISSING 41 years ago – Mike McCune and Bill Gorchester run for Mayor. VFW holds hamburger dinner to start school year. Students: Tery & Peggy Bianchi, Robin Watkins, Pam Haig, Elic Watkins, Barry Lynn, Kevin Haig, Connie Matso, Chris Seeholzer, Marie Feyedelem, Paul Matso. Adults: Wayne Finger, Kurt Boker, Donna Farmer, Pat Seeholzer, Mr & Mrs K. Knapp, Joe Onders, Bob Schnittker, Bud Yoscovits, Jim Twilliger, Bill Gorchester, Deb Seeholzer, Mike Seeholzer, Ted Blatt and Herb Bickley. PIB neighbors sail to Neuman’s dock on Miller Ferry for end of season visit. Obits: Wm. Lange, Frank Volz. Homecoming a success (photos). Letters from Earl & Betty Bowman, Jim & Margie Gerry, Margaret Perkinson, Earl & Betty Bowman. Missing – 3 large cows (Hugh Lange); VW windshield (Jim Bugel); fishing rods (Ted Blatt & Joe Onders); tire & lug nuts (Joe LaLond’s car); “The Fish Net” sign (Sharon Bianchi and Kim Watkins).  Dan Ahner wins Florence Pohorence Chittendon’s oil painting. Where are they now? Ruth Batty Blatt Verber who was born on KI, married Keith Blatt, then James Verber. Coradine Myers mentions: Carol Vogler Elfers, Julie Kennedy, Ted Blatt, St. Michael’s ladies, John Neuman, Burt Miller, Wayne Finger, Frank Pohorence, Jack & Helen Winnen, Wally Raum, John Hatala, Mrs. Wm. McKillips, Norma Blatt, Oscar McKillip’s brother, Godfried Schock, Julie Kennedy, Fritz & Peggy Martin, Rose & Nelson Dwelle, and Elmer Craft.

November 1979 – Ted Blatt preparing for Halloween. Mrs. Josephine Bianchi recipe for Island Land Snail with tomato sauce. Saint Michael’s Catholic Church mortgage burning for social hall. Father Wilman was pastor. Council members Monica Feyedelem, John Sabol, Henry Beatty, George, Yoscovits and Edward Sennish were co-signers of note. Hall being brought over on ferry. Welcome back to Eddy and Carol Frindt. Purchasing a cottage in Novorska allotment belonging to Ed and Joe Adam’s. Ed Frindt is nephew of Jeanette Kuchar. The Frindt owned a trailer near L. J. Greek on the east side. Clam bake at V.F.W. Pictured Joe Onders and Norm Greeny, two hundred meals served. Pictured Dr. and Mrs. Ward Bloom, preparing for their first winter on the Island. Octoberfest at the Casino. Don and Donna Norwalk, Joanne and Grover Kareem, Frank and Laura Jean Pohorence in attendance. Letters to editors, Mrs.Kathleen Benner Ritchie, Mary and Paul Kafun, Jim and Betty Jones and Doris Conrad. Advertisement-Hackers Wagon Wheel, Sandusky Ohio. Letter from Elsie Becker mentioned Ben and Bill Lange’s passing. Advertisements – M.P. McCune Realty. Does Kelley’s Island have its own “Bermuda Triangle”? Pictured boat on south shore, John Neuman inspects Lyman on the shore. Advertisements: Dirty Don Casino. 2nd annual hayride – Ghost in the woods, Jack Beatty, Fern Gorchester, Donna Farmer, Nick Bianchi, John Kennedy, Julie Kennedy, Joe LaLond, Lenny Elfers and Bo Dan. Ben Elfers and Bob Swanson drove the wagon. Claude Smith created Smokey haze. Treats were giving by Windy at Camp Kellisle and Village Pump. Where are they now? Carl and Virginia Miller. Father Erhbar, Pat and Kenny Haig, Mrs Sherman Brown, Mrs. Clayton Hughs. And You Think You Have Problems by Coradine Meyers Evelyn, Parks, Lawrence Betzenheimer, Hank Knapp, Franklin Clark, Glenn Turner, Jackie Martin, Pat Hobbs, Martha Onders, Ethel Fox, Mollie Yoscovitz, Sharon Bianchi, Vern Greeney, Kim Watkins, Donna Farmer, Mrs. Del Erhbar, Sally McCune, Pat Haig, Maybelle Kekelik, Alice Lamb, Henry Beatty, Jay Norris, Esther Sennish, Mrs. Howard Navorska, Debbie Blatt, Ted and Bonnie Blatt. Islanders continued education: Samuel Bauman, John I McManamon, Frances Bauman Kolson, Catherine Bauman McManamon, Samuel Bauman, Mary Ellen Wilke. Island Daughter Nurse Aboard New Rescue Helicopter. Pictured: Barbara Smallbrook Hogan. Life Flight information. Poem by Mary Schock entitled “Fall.”

December 1979 – Spotlight on People, Photos: Jay Norris, Mae Norris.  Andy Kolaski, Rosie Kadlec, Jean Mazlinger, Lee Myers, Coradine Myers, Norbert McKillips, L.J. Greek, VFW, Clambake, Kamp Kellisle. Page 3: McCune wins Mayorship: Michael McCune, William Gorchester, Russell Matso, James Bugel, Buddy Yoscovits, Joe Onders, Earl Daving, Marshall Bokerman, Frank Parks. Page 4: ‘I don’t think it will ever be the same’ Reflections of Christmas Past by Mary Schock. Charlie Stokes, Cozy Corner, Fritz Schultz,  Fr. Meader, Marquette Hall, Jack Schock, Mr. Hughes. Poem & Photo: Christmas poem by Mary Schock. Page 6: Our Readers Write: Jeanne “Titter” Elfers Larson. Season Greetings: Caroline Pascoe, Charlie Pascoe, Julie Pascoe, Kristen Pascoe. Page 7: New Grandfather: Bob Grubb, Milly Grubb, Francie Betzenheimer. New Address: Karl Miller, Virginia Miller. Page 8: When Fishing was King: Herman Schardt, Jay Norris, Walter Elfers, May Elfers, Fishing. Photo: Herman Schardt, Jay Norris, Walter Elfers on boat with nets. Page 11: Community Comments by Coradine Myers. Can winter be far behind?: Bill Myers, Judy Myers, Kathy Myers, Evelyn Parks, Ted Blatt, Donna Nowalk, Fredelina Volz, Walter Kayznowek, Sunrise Point, Hank Knapp, Al Rumel, Marge Rumel, Mary Walton, Rev. Warren Walton, Oscar McKillips, Katherine Hamilton, Paul Eckler, Earl Bowman, Don Williams, Franklin Clark, Elmer Craft, Jake Martin, Jessie Martin, Norbert McKillips, L.J. Greek, Kamp Kellisle, Mary Schock, Windy, Dr. Bloom, Glenn Turner, Lee Myers, Ronnie Myers. Page 14: Obituaries: Helen L Ekler, Zion Methodist Church, Paul Exksler, Laura Stephan, Luella Betzenheimer, John Betzenheimer, St. Michael’s Church, Elizabeth Hess Betzenheimer, Jack Betzenheimer, Fred Betzenheimer, Frank Betzenheimer, Alexander Betzenheimer, Lillian Betzenheimer Seymour, Douglas Elfers, Dutch Elfers, Lee Elfers, Laura Elfers, Lenny Elfers, Gordon Elfers, Bessie Murphy Elfers. Photo: Mortgage Burn of St. Michael’s Hall, Monica Feyedelem, Geraldine Betzenheimer, Slim Yoscovits. Land transfers: Jean Miller, Vincent C Campanella, Edward Rawlins, Joan Rawlins, Joyce M Erne, Claude A Smith, Jay L Saleck, Ramona Wilkerson, George Mannbeck, Charles T Robinson, Richard McCready, William V Lemley, Garnet B Lemley. Page 15: Land Transfers: Funds Administration, Charles Martin Jr., Clara M Holt, Albert J Frasca, William P Kimmell, Pamela E Schuyler, Edward P Whelan, Jean H Miller, V.C. Campanella, E.J. Rawlins, Dorothy Hamilton, Roger E Burns, James H Burens. Advertisements: Neuman Boat Line, M.P. McCune Realty, The Casino, Hacker Wagon Wheel.