SeaScape 1989-1991

SeaScape – A Kelleys Island Newsletter – After the Home Town News folded, Carole Krzynowek decided to keep the news coming and became the editor and publisher of SeaScape. The first issue appeared in June 1989 and the last issue was June-July 1991.

1989 May/June (Vol. 1, no. 1) Festival list includes Memorial Day services, 5 & 10 Kick, Tour of Homes, reverse raffle, VFW chicken dinner, VFW Bingo. From the desk of Coradine – 6 years since Carol Elfers Bright moved to Cape Cod and gave up on the Home Town News. A sighting of one of Palladino’s llamas. Also mentioned were Lee and Ronnie Myers, Lucille Mathews, Dr. Ward Bloom died (his wife was Cleone Bloom). Cleone’s brother Marshall Bockerman died, as did Dr. Ward. Joe Feyedelem died in April 1988 and Theresa Busci in July 1988. Laurence Betzenheimer died followed closely by his brother Francis. Iva and Roy Erne had a double funeral in April 1988. Burt Miller died in Florida in January 1989 and Monica Feyedelem died around the same time. Kathy Ullrich gave birth to twin boys, Cindy Terry, Kim Bonnell, Mrs. Lindbergh gave birth. Paul Eckler died in October 1988. The benefit of growing Herbs. A list of humorous House Rules. Septic Tank maintenance. A recipe for Easy Cheese Strudel. Household hints.

1989 July (Vol. 1, no. 2) – Coradine Myers writes about Island news. Mentioned: Birds nesting, Golden wedding celebration for Bernice & Jim Terwilliger; St. Michaels church; Martha & Joe Onders celebrated Golden 5 years ago; Lee and Corradine Myers’ Golden 2 years ago and in another article Maybell & Stephen Kekelik celebrated their 65th anniversary. Lori DeBoard & Pat Hayes were married; The Inn; Former Mayor Bob Schwartz died; Carole Krzynowek; Home Town News; Estes School graduation at Kelley’s Hall – Chris Van Auken (parents Dave and Sharon) graduated and Terri Bianchi graduated from the 8th grade. Lisa Matso graduated from St. Mary’s Central Catholic High. K I Historical Assoc. held 3rd annual tour of homes; June Campbell; Jessie Martin. Hank Knapp went into hospital, Martha Onders had surgery, and Chuck Herndon broke 2 ankles in an accident. New Homes: Joann Wilson & Ken Neufer partners in the Fly Inn. Homecoming judges: Poppy Hodgson, Maggie Murray, Jessica Murray, Lee & Corradine Myers. Millie Smallbrook (her late husband Bud), Milton Blatt, Ted Blatt, Pastor Walton, Mr and Mrs Finnegan, Inscription Rock. Gardening tips. Our new EMT’s by Lori Hayes: Cathy Coffman, Stacy DeBoard, Gary and Jackie Finger, Kristie Huber, Ken Neufer, Joann Wilson Terry Kranyak, Wayne Neuman and includes a little bio of each. How to make fabric-faced shutters. Household hints and personal flotation device information. Classified: help wanted-bus driver, for sale and rent and aerobics at the park pavilion.

1989 August (Vol. 1, no. 3) Corradine writes about Island activities: Ground breaking for addition to Zion Community Church to house kitchen, rest rooms and an office. To be called the Mary L in memory of Pastor Walton’s wife. Lee Myers and Elderberry wine. Lee, Corradine and Ronnie tour Jake & Jessie Martin’s new home. They also toured Mary & Ray Mansell’s home. Ann & Don Haas have an octagonal house. Rosetta Navorska celebrated her 90th birthday. Others mentioned: Jim & Poppy Hodgson and granddaughter Jessica (Maggie’s daughter)Hank Knapp died. Golden Anniversaries: Martha & Joe Onders, Lee & Corradine Myers, Bernice & Jim Terwilliker. The Inn has its 6th Annual Victorian Lawn Party and is included on the world tour of the Perotti-Dutt Duo (4 hands, one piano) and will give a Victorian concert at the lawn party. The Inn was built in 1876 and became an Inn about 1905. Mark Bonnell discusses improvements at the campground: additional 24 sites road resurfaced, trailer pads installed. Two shower houses and one wash house completed and Flush Toilets! Other improvements planned: upgrade the north dock, construct a boat launch ramp, put in a large parking lot and latrine at the beach. Also a naturalist program. Pictures from Islandfest ’89. History of the fire dept. formed around 1941, past known fire chiefs: Howard Brown, Lloyd Marchky, Henry Beatty, Lawrence Betzenheimer, Ronald Beatty, David Phinney, John Kilko, Wayne Finger, Roy Fox, Steve James and Jim St. Julian. Members include: John Kilko, Claude Smith, Rob Holmes, Robert Coulon, Shane Delvin, Gary Finger, Robert Golias, Ken Neufer, Joanne Wilson, Wayne Neumann & Kim Watkins. Editor Carole Krzynowek writes: Sharon & son Steven Krzynowek visit the Camp Patmos pool; what is the Yellow Chinese Bata trapped in a tree trunk; the Casino. In another column: Tommy & Debbie Taylor (Griffing Airlines) hare new parents. Baby’s name is Cody Michael; Edward Lentz is in the hospital (shot on Kelleys Island); the Jet Express came to KI to take stranded passengers back to Sandusky as the Goodtime I and the City of Sandusky could make the return trip; Annual pig roast put on by Quality Education Group; thanks to Cindy Herndon and Lois Giles for story hours. Dick Kadlec writes about the Island Softball team, its 19 members. Team jerseys were donated by Gary Finger from the Pump and the VFW Post 9908 donated their caps. Finger and Scott Lauber transport the team in their private boats to away games and Neuman Boat line does some trips.

1989 Sept-Oct (Vol. 1, no. 4) – Corradine writes: Pat & Lori Hayes and Th Inn; Victorian Lawn Party; Godfried Schack died; Zion United Methodist church; Maybelle & Steve Kekelik are home; Martha Onders recovering; Ann Ludu fell; Chuck Herndon injures his hand; Richard DeBoard in the hospital. Kim Bonnell writes about the library: Cindra Mielke and Lois Giles, story time, crafts. Winter hours Wednesday 10:30 to 12:30. Henry Knapp’s School board seat not yet filled. Mark Bonnell writes about the State Park: fall camping, fishing, Jeff North new park ranger, Dennis Warge campground coordinator. Chris VanAuken, Jason Pendleton, Chris Miller & Michelle Schodowski are Natural Resource Aides and Ted Winerfeld is Naturalist. Zebra Mussels blamed for poor fishing, gardening tips, Mary Schock’s poem. Full page thank you list from the Chamber of Commerce for 19th KILA Homecoming(way too many to list). There is a cake recipe, handy kitchen food hints, a Wednesday night bridge group, including David Phinney and Rob McCullough. Father Bruce Farmer visits Maybelle Kekelik. Harvest Fest (a Chamber event put on by the Inns & Bed & Breakfasts) will be Sept. 30. Dick Kadlec writes about the Softball team: Played against the Round House and Marblehead Coast Guard and Sandusky Firemens team. Mentioned John & Virginia Neuman, Jackie & Gary Finger, Pattie Johnson, Nick Bianci, Rob Coulon, Jim St. Julian. Some of the known past Mayors are: H. Beatty Beltz, L. Betzenheimer, M. Brennan, Ro. Brown, W. Brown, W. Elfers, H. Marchky, R. McCullough, W. Overcasher, E. Ward M. McCune, R. Schwartz, T. Starkweather. Police Chiefs: A. Derringer, F. Haig, F. Martin, N. McKillips, Cl. Moore and H. Prinz. Between 1930-1960 there were 40 known men and women to hold aviation licenses who lived on Kelleys. 23 owned their own planes. Miscellaneous: Dante & Omar Zettler (sons of Eleanor & Roby Zettler) won scholastic honors; Cindra Mielke; Lois Giles offered piano and voice lesions; Kelly Price; Staci DeBoard Price; Katie & Sarah Finnegan. Thank you: Kim & Rob Watkins, Sis Bradburn, Laurie James, Nancy Donly and Lori Deel.

1989 Nov-Dec (Vol. 1 no. 5) – From the Desk of Corradine: news includes these people – Florence Sabol’s son died; Gerry Bickley and her dad Henny Beatty; Ethel Fox has been ill; Lou Giglotti; Ruth Dorsey; Dr. Towle died. Also: Chuck Herndon, wife Cindy and mother; Dr. Larsen; Pat & Lori Hayes; Pastor Walton; Jim & Pat Seeholzer; build a new home; Russ & Bea Matso and their Election Night Pot Luck; the Landowners Assoc hold a Candidates Forum; Mark & Kim Bonnell baptize their baby son. Paula Haig marries; Paul Mack’s daughter marries; Popeye’s have winter closing party. Jessie Martin writes about Datus & Irad Kelley: their Uncle Joshua Stow, Brother-in-law Chester Deal, Rockport Datus’ sons Julius and Addison and a little history about the early settling of the Island. Tide-ings by Sandy Spayd – the Chamber sponsored a Browns Football cruise. Mentioned: George (Skip) Smith, Rob McCullagh, Doug McCullagh and Sally Fresch. Update from Council included the approval of Kellstone’s request to demolish the silos on the dock and the retaining wall along Lake Shore Rd. People mentioned: Police Chief Charlie Moore, Koster’s Dock. Shore Thing by Carole Krzynowek – Mentioned:; Sharon (Nowak) Hillyer, Griffing Airlines, Dawn Kekelik’s daughter (Dotty Harris) marries Jack Smith. Charlie (her son) participated and Candy Lee made the cake. Paula Haig, daughter of Pat & Ken eloped with Paul Moody. Also: Sue Griffing, Ranger Dennis Warga (who fell), Phyllis Pahler, Laurie James. Miscellaneous:; Caroline DeBoard, Shane Delin, Volley Ball in the Town Hall, Ken Neufer, Griffing’s flight schedule and building a floral plaque. By Mary Lesczynski. A little history about the quarry: John Titus opened a quarry at the West Bay in 1845 with a small dock. 1867 Titus & Calkins enlarged the dock. Capt. Ed Collins bought the quarry in 1872, sold it to KI Lime & Transport Co. in 1891. 1897 the dock was enlarged. 1903 new dock built. 1911 a new dock was built with 24 pockets holding 340 tons of limestone. 1924 the tunnel & conveyor belt built. 1923, original lumber trestle was replaced with a steel one. 1942, Ward & Wheeler scarps machinery and material. Louie Wells took down the steel unit using the barge, Norman Kelley. The pocket dock was demolished in 1989.

1990 January-February (Vol. 2 no. 1) – Beachcombings: KI Chamber, KI Historical, KI Landowners, Jennifer Koba, Island Singers, St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Zion United Methodist Sunday School, BFW Bingo and a Valentines Day pie recipe. Corradine writes: Ed Ehrbar & Jack Schock died. Nov. 17 the third attempt to take down the West Bay loading dock implosion was successful. Once call the slag loader. Jim Palladino, Seaway Marina, Annual Village Christmas Pot Luck, Martha Wonders, Henny Beatty, Lou Gigliotti, A School Play for Christmas, Lee/Corradine/Ronnie Myers, Lucille Mathews, Frank & Laura Jean Pohorence, Russ & Bea Matso and VFW New Year’s Eve parties. Jean Dwelle goes to nursing home, will be 88 years old. Also mentioned Jessie and Jake Martin. Christmas decorations: St. Julian, Bianchi, Pohorence, Watkins, LaVerne Ehrbar, Jim Seeholzer, Gruly, the Zion church, downtown park. Jake Martin had Hughie Lange take him to the mainland for his trip to Florida. Jessie Martin writes about Addison Kelley’s early days on the Island. Recap from the Council meeting includes final covering of the dump, South Haven (Bill Gorchester) land split and 3rd reading of Dan Ahner’s Monarch Winery parcel zoning change. Poor condition of Sweetbriar roads (that village now owns). Election update: Levies, Bianchi, Curilla, Haas, Martin, Matso, Neufer, Pascoe, Yoscovits, Seeholzer, Beatty, Farmer. Fireman’s Ball to be Saturday Feb. 17; $12 per person, Mad Dog Adams to play. Bits of a Whale’s Tale – First ice fishermen were Ron Beatty and Jerry Bozic. A list of some known fish companies and fishermen: Pete Ditchey, John Ditchey, Sandusky Fish Co., Lay Bros. Fish Co., Post Fish Co., Booth Fish Co., United Fisheries, Navorska & Steinkamp, 5 B’s, Francis Betzenheimer, DeBrobe, Ben Elfers, Robert Bickley, Herb Eckly Jr., and Robert Kleba, Herb Beckley, Len Beckly, Walter Seymour, Jack Sennish, Beatty & Schultz, Beatty & Elfers, Alphonse & Charles Erne, Charles Erne & Sons, Orville Lange, Lee& Nelson Dwelle and Mike Riedy. Nancy Kelley’s house and Kelley’s Hall were built in 1861. Efler’s store was build in 1890 and the Zion church in 1893. Estes school-1901, airport constructed in 1949. There are 6 carriage stones on the Island.

1990 March-April (Vol. 2 no. 2) – Corradine writes about local news: Jake & Jessie Martin have a new grandson; Chuckie & Joy are parents. Tom & Megan Joyce have new baby Jessica Marie. They bought the house used by St. Michael’s priests. Sick List: Mabelle Kekelik is in nursing home, Henny Beatty, Ila Dick, Lou Gigliotti, and Mary Mansell. Pat & Jim Seeholzer and chimney fires. June & Bill Campbell have a pig roast. The chef at the Port Hole bikes around the Island. Fireman’s Ball a success. Joanne Wilson attended. Lou Gigliotti died. Carole Krzynowek writes: Airport to be resurfaced, KI Wine Co’s Glacial White one a bronze medal at wine competition. Jackie Finger opens an antique & Collectables gift shop in the Doctor’s House. Joanne & Bob Golias are grandparents (David and Sharon are parents). Jim & Elizabeth Biel had baby girl (Kately Marie). Chief Charlie Moore recuperates from surgery. Bernice Terwilliger’s granddaughter, Corky made the Dean’s and Shelly past state boards to be a licensed beautician. Mark Bonnell writes about the State Park. New boat ramp and launch to be completed this year. Jessie Martin continues her series – this one about Patrick Martin’s history on the Island. Mentioned: Francis P. Martin, frank & ‘Shanghai” Martin, John Francis, Charles Martin Alice Martin, Frederick, Julia Amanda Erne, Frederick, John, Frank, Howard, Alfie, ‘Fritz’, Emmett, Harriet, Eileen, Mary, “Tootie”, Catherine, William, Charles Edward, “Chuck.” Martin Power & Light Co. Council update – Committee assignments made, land splits for Bill Finger, Charles Brown and Wayne Finger. Neuman Boat Line has permit to build new building on their dock. Photos from Welcome back fish fry. Kelleys Island Shuttle Service. Recipe for Rum Cake. Update on fishing. Robert Baum retires from Neuman Boat Line.

1990 May (Vol. 2, no. 3) – National Historic Register dedication & reception planned. Corradine Myers reports: Marge & Al Rumal are back. Bill Finger’s wife, Mary Alice passed away. Lillian Kokas (Coke) in hospital. Description of the old Port Hole restaurant. Island Girl Scouts: Amber & Allison Goodson, Jaime & Diane Coffman, Holly St. Julian and Lindsay Joyce under direction of Meg Goodson. Other people mentioned: Martha & Joe Onders, Jim Terwilliger, Hank Knapp, Laurie James, Nora, Robbie & Toby Zettler, Jim Seeholzer moved into new lakefront home. Old timers remembered: Bill Kelley, Irma Conkle, Liz Martin. John & Virginia Neuman announce engagement of daughter Carolynne to Dante Zettler. Charles & Noreen Walck announce engagement of daughter Nancy to Petty Officer Walter C. Krzynowek. The West Bay is under the new management of Kyle and Mary. Also mentioned Yatson’s, Camp Kellile, Jack Schock’s funeral, Pat & Jay’s 30th year in business, Popeye’s, Southwinds, Island-wide Lawn Sale. Jessie A. Martin writes about Charles Carpenter. Council: Dwelle House to be purchased, Village Solicitor Maurice Lee McDermond Jr. died, Enterprise Zone established, Zoning Ordinance to be amended, Conditional Use Permit issued for Monarch Winery. Land splits approved for Caroline DeBoard, Bud Yoscovits, Ahner & Fresch, Tony Discenza, Ramey Dick, Dick & Fresch, Nadine Elfers, Gary Finger, Jim Seeholzer. The Easter Egg Hunt, Mayor McCullagh, Megan Joyce in photos. Girls drill team to be established. Anne Elizabeth Neuman & Gregory Glenn Riggs were married at the Zion church. Recipe for dirt cake.

1990 June (Vol. 2, no. 4) – Coradine’s Desk –Lee and Corradine Myers were sick. Connie (Matso) and Randy had a baby. Frank Pohorence took Bud Yoscovits to hospital and ended up staying as he felt ill. Charlie Brown hospitalized with heart problems. Mentioned: Bibber & Bob Overcasher, Memorial Day weekend, Jake & Jessie Martin had a foal from their Belgian work horses, Ann Haas, baby fawn. Shore thing-Carole Krzynowek: Mentioned bumper sticker: Welcome to Kelleys Island, now go home;” Pam Betzenheimer is new VFW Canteen Manager; Southwinds gift shop; West Bay has live bands; Chris VanAuken to go into the Navy; Casino has live entertainment; Kelleys Island Wine Tasting facilities open. KI Singers, Zion Church, Rev. Walton. Homecoming theme will be Circus. Islandfest theme is Space. Jessie Martin write about Memorial Day and Flag Day and 4thof July in the olden days. Mentioned: William S. Webb, Datus & Sara Kelley, Elizabeth Kelley, William Kelley, George W. Kelley, Alfred S. Kelley, Norman Hills, School house, the Islander, The Independent Order of Island Loafers, the Civil War, the Island Queen. KIHA tour of homes: Thinnes, Bechtel, Myers, Cirkcet Lodge, Ransom, Johnson, Holdren, St. Michael’s Church, Zion United Church, Old Stone Church. Rumor that Island businesses want to purchase downtown park and put up a casino. KI school cleas up litter and VFW provides dinner for volunteers. Mary August McKillips worked to place 100 flats on graves: 31 Civil War, 1 Spanish American War, 22 WW I, 40 WW II, 3 Korean, 2 Vietnam and 1 Peacetime Veteran. Photo page: Fresch’s Island house expansion, Newman’s new dock building, Doc’s Antiques, Quarry Condos, New plaque on town hall, Zion Church’s new addition. Trivia about prominent men in 1923 and what became of them. Council notes: Zoning ordinance under review; catch basins, roads and ditches. Planning Commission land splits: Penny Kyle, Bill Gorchester (Southaven); Rezoning: David VanAuken and Fresch’s Island House. Marie St. Julian gets cemetery mowing contract. Mandatory recycling considered. Chief Charlie Moore gets 6 pagers. L. J. Greek is Zoning inspector. Village to purchase Jean Dwelle property through Lydia Bechtel. Benefits of drinking water. Recipe for peaches and cream cheesecake. Fishing update.

1990 July (Vol. 2, no. 5) – Coradine’s desk – Country Store, Raccoons. Sick List: Charlie Brown by-pass surgery, Elmer Craft home, Bill Finger, Lenny Weintraub. Died: Ethel Fox, Craig Brown (Nadine Brown Elfers’ son). Zion Church dedicates new addition, Rev. & Mary Walton Timothy House, The Turning Point, Cathy Ullrich, Denise Fox, KIHA tour of homes, Fly Inn at the airport. Shore Thing – Carole Krzynowek: Ted and Cindy Terry, City of Sandusky runs shoppers special, EMT bake sale, Pam Betzenheimer, KI Phone book, Dwelle House, Russ & Bea Matso, Island Singers, KI Landowners Assoc., Sandy Trainer’s Drill Team, the Inn’s Victorian Lawn Party. Park News-Mark Bonnell – Ted winters naturalist. The Original Beach Boys – Jessie A. Martin – article on George C. Huntington and sons (Simon, Joseph, Daniel, Erastus, Alzina Hamilton. Recipe for Fruit Squares. Islandfest schedule includes parade, party in the park, Star dust variety show from Oak Harbor, VFW chicken dinner and street dance and fireworks. KILA Homecoming names: Warren & Jane Bartel, Carol Frindt, Barb Coleman, Jack Hostal, Don Klepper, Vicky Finnegan, Cindy Hernson, Ray Arnold. Congress and Zebra mussels. Fresch’s Island House, West Bay, Casino, Village Pump, Port Hole, VFW Clam bake. Council notes: Ken Neufer appointed Airport Manager, Dick Sennish gets back pay, licensing of vehicles and amusement devices, option to purchase Jean Dwelle house, L J Greeks salary settled. Land splits: Don Staas & Co., Charlie Brown, change of use for Monarch Winery by Dan Ahner (small bar & restaurant with motel on top). Stacey DeBoard, Lori Hayes & Megan Joyce look into recycling. KILA plants tree in memory of former mayor Bob Schwartz. Ms. Gorman donates a Lighted Wind T. Mayor Rob McCullaugh thanks Paul & Vicky Finnegan for planting flowers downtown. Dick Kadlek writes about the KI Softball team: Rob Coulan, Wayne Neuman, Mike Miller, Jeff North, Gary Finger, Scott Lauber, Jake Martin, Steve James, Tim Kilko, Rosie Kadlec, Neuman Boat Line, Dudley Bechrest, K I Winery all mentioned. New bleachers to be built. Fishing update.

1990 August (Vol. 2 no. 6) – Coradine’s Desk – Restoration of the Ed & Ann Sennish home on the corner of Huntington Ln. and addition of iron fence. John Michael Ludu and Kimberly Grey married (parents John & Ann). Goodtime docked at Gruly’s dock for Beth DeBoard and Terry Kranyak wedding reception (parents Caroline & Richard DeBoard). Sick List: Charlie Brown, Bill Finger, Len Weintraub, Elmer Craft, Franklin Clark, Bill Kutzke. Also mentioned: Vacation Bible School-Kim Bonnell, Cindra Mielke, Vicki Finnegan, Marie Eastman, Nanci McGreevy, Barb Behlen, Megan Joyce, Deb Haig, Sonia Hammer, Paul Finnegan, Mark Bonnell and Pat Johnson. Also Islandfest, Home Day. Carole Krzynowek writes: Patti John received plaque from Boy Scout troup, Jay Campbell (parents William & June) earned Eagle Scout Award, he is working at Captain Bob’s Restaurant. Brian Thomas Terry born (Ted, Cindy, Eddie & Michael Terry family). Arbor Day tree planted at school in memory of Caroline Taylor. Sunset Point gift shop. Jessie Martin writes about settler Henry Lange and the Catholic Church. Also mentioned: Henry Lang, John Lange, O. Hugh Lange, Tom Lange and why the ‘e’ is missing. 7thAnnual Victorian Lawn Party, the Perotti-Dutt Duo play piano, KILA officers: John Carrig, Jennifer Koba, Jim Hodgson, Elizabeth Overcasher, Sue Clepper; Board-Ray Arnold, Jane Bartel, John Carrig, Don Clepper, Sue Clepper, Barb Coleman, Caroline DeBoard, Ed Frindt, Don Haas, Jim Hodgson, Tim Koba, Jennifer Koba, Tony Kuchar, Elizabeth Overcasher, Barbara Shadle, Norman Pahler, Vicki Staas. Photos from Islandfest. Council notes: Fresch’s Island House and Van Auken zoning passed. Vandalism at Town Hall (piano destroyed and old backdrop rolled up on spool). Recipe for Dump Cake. Neuman Boat Line offers wine tasting cruises. Dick Kadlec writes about the new bleachers. KI Historical Assoc. Art Show: Pink Smith judge, winners: Rita Violand, Lydia Bechtel, Mary Koftz, Robert Tebeau. KIHA plans to build a new museum building. Fishing report.

1990 Sept-Oct (Vol. 2, no. 7) – Corradine Myers writes: Wedding of Carolynne Neuman (daughter of John & Virginia Newman) married Dante Zettler (son of Toby & Nora Zettler) at the Zion church. (others mentioned: Anne Neuman Riggs, Sue Kulka, Patti Johnson, Maria & Maggie Ellis, Jody Zettler Ellis, Omar Zettler, Erik Zettler, Mark Yako, Tom Miller, Kirt & Robby Zettler. Reception at the picnic pavilion. Raccoons got into Turkey nest in Jake Martin’s field. Bea Matso had a surprise birthday party for her Mom (Sis McKillips). Connie & Phillip Matso and baby attended. Jessie Martin writes book “the Beginnings and Tales of the Lake Erie Islands.” Sue Griffing died, Harry Griffing hospitalized. Elmer Craft suffered a stroke. Charlie Brown improve (wife Ann). Judy & Lenny Weintraub left the island. The Island Singers is formed: Jennifer Koba, Barb/Bob/Rob Behlen, Sandy Bokerman, Carolyn DeBoard, Vicky Finnegan, Carole Frindt, Louis Giles, Annalee, Guy Landis, Sandy Spayd, Vicky Staas, Tim Koba and Phyllis Pahler. Shore Thing by Carole Krzynowek – Mentioned: Ted/Bonnie/Justin Blatt. VFW replaces flags. Freeda & Ken Knapp visit. Cathy & Lee Verlinger move to KI. Joanne & bob Golias are grandparents. A character named “Chip.” Batters Box by Dick Kadlec – Report on 1990 League softball. Mentioned: Jim/Carmen/Angela Palladino, Ken Haig, John & Annie Ludu. The Original Beach boys by Jessie A. Martin – A history of some of the original settlers on the island. Recipe for Pumpkin Crunch Cream Pie. Lyme Disease hints. Photos from the Homecoming Parade 1990 (mentioned Vicky Staas, Mayor Rob McCullagh, Grand Marshalls, Jeanette & George Cleary, Rev. Walton, Ted Blatt, Chris Wise, Mielke, Seeholzer and Carolee Frindt. Council: Committee reports, Fresch’s Island House requests reconsideration of their zoning, grant received for Port Development Study, Subdivision Rules ordinance passed. Water plant to be updated. Fishin’ by Grampa Walleye – update on fishing and Zebra mussels. Girl’s Drill Team, New to the Island is the Lion’s Den Gallery at the Casino Dock (Brad Styles and Alex Kovacs).

November 1990 – Vol. 2, no. 8 – Coradine’s desk – Sandra Louise Spayd and John Michael Kilko married in Sandusky. Mentioned: Jessie Martin, Carole Flemming, Sally Fresch, Vicki Ogden, Joe Ellen Poggiali, Scott Spayd, Dan Cropper, Pat Hayes, Carolyn and Gary Spayd, Duke Kilko, Virginia Kilko who worked for Irma Conkle. Griffing Airlines round trip to Kelleys remains at $25.00. Estes School, Sharon Bianchi resigned, new teacher is Gwen Addy joins Donna Farmer, Pat Seeholzer, Donna Singer and Sally Fresch, Meg Goodson. Barb Behlen, Lyme Disease Zazeno house. KI Historical Assoc: garden sale, Cindy Herndon. And Marge Clapper. Bavarian Regulator Clock made by Russ Matso was won by Steve Yatson. Sick list: Charlie & Ann Brown, Ruth Schnittker (daughter Bib Schnittker), Elmer Craft. Rock-a-thon raised money for Zion’s Sunday School: Amber & Allison Goodson, Jaimie & Dianna Coffman, Lindsay VanOrman (Joyce) and Michelle Mock. Jake & Jessie Martin ride in their horse and buggy. Jessie A. Martin writes about the early quarry operations. Mentioned: John Clemons, Calkins & Co. John Titus, Old Stone Church, William S. Webb, George C. Huntington, Charles Carpenter, Franklin & Norman Kelley, scow Elmina, George Kelley, Cleveland Rolling Mill, Flux stone, G. W. Calkins & Co., M. C. Younglove, Charles Hickox, lime kilns, steam barge Charles Hickox, Sault Ste Marie, Kelleys Island Quarry & Lime Co., Huron Lime Co., Superior Manufacturing Co. Finally the Kelleys Island Lime & Transport Co. Recipe for Turkey pot roast. Jeanette Cleary, 91, obituary. Council notes: Don St. Julian is zoning inspector for one year. Town Hall roof repaired. Town Hall piano to be repaired. Junk cars at the airport. Port Development Plan. George Kushner’s minor subdivision passed. Fishing update, picture of Jack ‘Jiggs’ Rigney.

1990 December – (Vol. 2 no. 9) – Coradine’s Desk: Zion Church pot luck-Palladino donated  food-Chief Cook Bea Matso. Mentioned Joann Wilson, Jessie Martin, Lucille Mathews, Ken Neufer, Gerry & Lyle Bickley, election night potluck at Matso’s, Ann Haas, Mike Preche, Pastor Waldon. Helen & Bill Stickloroth, Ken Neufer Car in water at Dan Ahner’s dock, Kyle Payne Annual Christmas Pot Luck. Jessie Martin tells a story about travel in mid-December 1863-mentions The Islander and the Zula (Captain Dayton). In Dec. 1873 mail carrier could not make trips. Christmas dinner at Addison Kelleys House (1865). Mayor Rob McCullagh, Councilmen: Ed Curilla, Don Haas, Chuck Herndon, Jakie Martin, Russ Matso & Bob Gruly. Clerk Sharon Bianchi and assistant Joanne Golias. Treasurer Pat Seeholzer. Photos from the 1990 Christmas Pot Luck. People named: Bob & Mrs. Overcasher, Kevin Holmes, Coradine & Lee Myers, Rosetta Navorska. Shore Thing by Carole Krzynowek: Christmas Pot Luck, mentioned Kevin Holmes, Steven & Mathew Ullrich. Meg Goodson spotted the first Great black Back gull. Photograph from the Neuman/Zettler wedding: Mark Yako, Erik Zettler, Pastor Walton, Pastue Hess, Omar Zettler, Tom Miller, Sue Kueka, Patti Johnson, Carolyn & Danti and Ann Riggs. Dennie Bias called to active service with the Coast Guard Reserve unit. Fishing update. Reminiscence about our dump [later called the landfill and now the transfer station] and how it used to be called ‘Sears’ where everything was scavenged or burned and people sot rats.

1991 Jan-Feb (Vol. 3, no. 1) – Coradine’s Desk – December parties: Community Pot Luck, Ladies Only Pot Luck at Matso’s Place, Zion Ladies Group Christmas Party, Christmas School Play at the Town Hall, Capt. Joe Nesta drove a group of children and adults in the quarry buss all around the Island Caroling, VFW Christmas Children’s Party, Zion Church Annual Christmas Program and coffee, New Year’s Eve at the VFW, Matso’s and West Bay Inn. Sick List: Ruth Schnittker, Bob Schnittker, Charlie Brown, Mary Williams, Elmer Craft, Meda Brown. Others mentioned: Girls Drill Team, John & Nadine Mack, Ellies Hughes, Sally Fresch and Craig Dwight (married on Dec. 8) Jim & Marie St. Julian (son born James Peter), Dave & Lil Phinney (granddaughter Sarah Elizabeth), Goodson family, Ken Neufer, an unusual wedding. Carol Krzynowek writes: State Park 700’ boat launch ramp work to start, Marie St. Julian repaints Christmas display, Carole & Ed Jorski become year-round residents, Chris & Frank Yako and Lil & Dave Phinney become grandparents (Debbie & Pete, new daughter Sarah Elizabeth). The Lincoln-Kennedy penny and the connection between these two men. Jessie Martin tells the story of the romance of George Kelley and Burt Miller’s house. KI Historical Cookbook recipe by Lawrence Betzenheimer and Caroline DeBoard’s recipe for Sinful Crème de Menthe Brownies. Recycling comes to the Island, the Fireman’s Ball to be February 16. Married 50+ years: Rosie & Elmer Craft, Mabel and Stephen Kekelik, Coradine & Lee Myers, Martha & Joe Onders. Council news: Megan Joyce replaced Sharon Bianchi as Clerk. Lee McDermond (village solicitor) to explore taxes on commercial boat docks. Port Master Plan study to begin. Claude Smith & Water Dept. Landfill is now officially Transfer Station. Grampa Walleye give a fishing report. Recently deceased: Florence Sabol and Eleanore Liwosz.

1991 March-April (Vol. 3, no. 2) – Coradine’s desk – Died: Florence Sabol, Ida Erne (Molly Yoscovits sister), John Feyedelem (Ray & Joe’s brother), Rick and Bob Holmes lost their father, Donna Nowak lost her mother. Sick list: Meda Brown, Mary Williams, Charlie Brown, Rush Schnittker, Elmer Craft, Lenny Weintraub. Also mentioned: Ann Haas, Paul & Bev Johnson and Jake Martin have a horse and buggy, Teacher Gwen Addy, Zion Ladies’ group, Christmas Village pot luck, Poppy & Jim Hodgson, Harry & Ann Treat, Lucille Mathews, Ken Neufer & Ken Haig flew injured quarry worker off-island, Nadine Mack broker her ankle, Marge Newcomb broke wrist, Joann Wilson, Wally & Carole Krzynowek. Carole Krzynowek writes: Island Girls drill team, Tom Phinney, Marian Biehl, Navorska’s trailer park, the Casino’s new management, Sharon & Dave VanAuken and son Chris, Jackie & Gary Finger on vacation, the Shirley Irene to arrive soon. Dan Ahner’s Caddy Shack to open. Lorraine Henderson poem. Jessie Martin write about Jake Hay and his arrival on Kelleys Island. Photos from the Fireman’s Ball. Wellness Retreat for Women to be held. Council notes – Assessed waterline project to go out for bids. Chief Charlie Moore resigns from police Dept. Tina Palladino, Jon Goodson & Pat Haig appointed to the Park Board, other members are Paul Mack and Lynn Holdren. EMS to rent two vacant offices in basement of Town Hall. Jim St. Julian is fire chief and there are 23 volunteers. Grampa Walleye give the fishing report. From the Mayor’s office: New Transfer Station fees, Village Clerk-Megan Joyce assisted by Joanne Golias. Bob Overcasher is Supt. of roads.

1991 May (Vol. 3, no. 3) – Corradine Myers writes: Gary & Jackie finger open the Pump for season; Elmer Craft died, Rosie Craft holds luncheon at Matso’s Place; Carol Krzynowek; Mrs. Kadlec; Lil Phinney; Helen Winnen Kenhoff; Island Singers; Lenny Weintraub died (wife Judy); Jessie Martin; Nadine Brown Elfers died. Henny Beatty’s 90th birthday party; Ramie dick; Charlie & Ann Brown; Carol Elfers Bright at Cape Cod; Eleanore Liwosz died. Ronnie Myers, Lee Myers, the Singer house, Ann Haas. Shore Thing-Carole Krzynowek: Island Singers, Zion Church, Jackie Finger, Chamber of Commerce, Pat Johnson, KI School had one graduate (Joel Trainer) son of Sandy & Joe Trainer. Bob Bolias out of hospital, Bibber Overcasher is in hospital. Jean Kuyoth is village clerk. Perchie Press (by T & V Sullivan) new newspaper. Chambers 5-10 Kick: Rich Mayher, Amy Holmes, Omar Zettler, Betsy Wagner, Marty Manzio, William Manzio, Chris Feyedelem and Andy Holmes. Jessie Martin continues her history with the Five Sicilians and the 1911 crime: John Barlana, Rothe Klawetch, Domico Silwate, Antonio Dicarie and Antonio Berlin – money and murder. Other news: John Ludu painted the library floor, elementary students hosted students from Pelee, North/Middle/South Bass Islands. Jake Martin transported. First passenger on the MV Shirley Irene was Joe Nesta’s dog. Council notes: New fees, expenses increase, Ed Feick to do evaluation of Village roads, consider purchase of Dwelle house-Chamber wants to rent ½, landfill fund in red. Discussion on Income Tax for money earned on the Island. Excise Tax collections (apx $12,580 in 1983). Grampa Walleye and his fishing report.

Carole writes: A new KI based publication came out, The Perchie Press. A welcome addition to such a growing Island like Kelleys. I thought about putting the SeaScape to bed with this issue but couldn’t face telling Corradine and Jessie. I would miss their columns so much!

1991 June (Vol. 3, no. 4) – Coradine Myers writes: Elmer Craft, Nadine  Brown Elfers, Eleanore Liwosz and Lenny Weintraub died. Mentioned: Corlee, John and son (Myers daughter), Lil Phinney, Helen Winnen Kinkopf, Mrs. Kadlec, Country Store, Matso’s Place, the Pump, Judy Weintraub, Jessie Martin, Henny Beatty’s 90th birthday party at Ila & Ramie Dick’s home, Mary Williams, Charlie & Ann Brown, Carol Elfers Bright, Ann Haas. Carole Krzynowek writes: Island singers, Jackie finger, Pat Johnson, bob Golias, Bibber Overcasher, Jean Kuyoth. Purchie Press by T & V Sullivan is now available. Joel Trainer is the sole high school graduate, son of Sandy & Joe Trainer.  5 & 10 K run includes: Rich Mayher, Amy Holmes, Omar Zettler, Betsy Wagner, Marty Manzio, William Manzio, Chris Feyedelem and Andy Holmes. Jessie Martin write about the Five Sicilians and Island murders including “Barnum & Grummets in 1826, Thomas Hoyt Jones, Elizabeth Selfe 1877. In 1911 Five Sicilians: John Barlana, Rothe Klawetch, Dominco Silwate, Antonio Dicarie (the victim) & Antonia Berlin. The story of greed and murder. Kate Boker is the librarian, elementary students welcomed students from several islands. Pictures of first passengers coming off the Shirley Irene on April 27 (Joe Nesta’s dog Opi). Recap of Council legislation and committee reports. Income tax to be considered. Fishing report.

1991 July (vol. 3 no. 5) – Coradine’s Desk:  Aunty Carol holding Leah Caroline-Sally Dwight’s baby, Mrs. Herndon, The new boat Shirley Irene docks, Ken Neufer, the Erie Isle, Joe & Martha Onders new grandson, only graduate from Estes School was Joel Trainer, Chris Ellison (former Village Clerk) and daughter Melissa. Eleanor Liwosz & Nadine Brown died. She mentions competition from the Perchie Press. Shore Thing by Carol Krzynowek – Sally & Craig Dwight have new baby. Paula & Paul Moody have baby. Mentioned Fireworks, Jackie Finger, Caddy Shack, Transfer Station, Bibber Overcasher, Kate Boker, Bob Golias, Corp. of Engineers approve new dock building for ferry. The Original Beach Boys by Jessie A Martin: Jake Hayes continued. KILA Homecoming & Island Fest schedules. Council update. Complaints about Cemetery Board, availability fees, speeding by Kellstone trucks, ‘situation’ with Ralph Kunar, EMS problems, need for new Police chief. Schnittker is new Police chief. Caddy shack liquor license, defective sidewalks, abandoned cars at airport. Dick Kadlec and Gary Finger write about the KI Ball Club.