The Islander II 1937-1938

“In a certain sense The Islander II is a rebirth or resurrection of an earlier Kelleys Island periodical called “The Islander.” The first issue appeared on Saturday, August 7, 1937 and the last issue looks to be dated September 3, 1938.

No. 1 – August 7, 1937 – A history of the original Islander newspaper that was published on the Island from 1860-1879. Why this newspaper? Three reasons why it was needed. It Might Have Happened a story about how the Indians might have carved Inscription Rock. The son of John Boogle died. Society – Mrs. Fritz Pape and son William spend the week. Florence Gerand, Mrs. Harry Eichmeyer and Milton Corwin were guests of Mabel Haas. Mrs. Chester Dramer and Jeanne Harrison arrived on the Mascot. Father Maerder, former priest of St. Michael’s visits. Mr/Mrs. R. T. Heishman vacation at Hiawatha cottage and other visitations. (Rockmere Cottage, Upp’s home, State’s Cottage). Sports: George Durkett and horseshoes; Francis Erne and the Kelleys Island Red Wings baseball; Island Club donates prize money. Fishing has improved; perch off Kosters Dock Mike Reidy’s boat, Pickerel and bass are being caught. GADABOUT – M/M Charles B. Martin have taken over the Western Union Agency for sending, receiving and delivering telegrams, cablegrams, etc. Bob Moysey seen talking with a mystery woman and Virginia Lange is officially our post mistress. Advertisements for Trieschman’s Market, Hamilton’s (Everything from soup to nuts), The Casino (soft Drinks, ice cream and candy), Sam’s Auto Shop Martin’s Lake Shore Garage, Bill’s Barber Shop (Candies and Pool, Wm. Schlesselman Prop.), Brown’s (meats, groceries and fresh vegetables, baked goods, coal, oil) Martin’s confectionery (ice cream, candy and soft drinks, post cards, magazines).

Vol. 1, No. 5 – September 4, 1937 – This is the last issue for the year. Staff: Frances Williams, Kay Haas, Josephine Pohorence, Frances Williams, Adelbart Ehrbar, Norman E. Hills, William Pape, Roberta Hummell. The Himmelein House – A little history about John Himmelein’s family and the house built in 1860, wings added in 1874 and third floor added in 1882. Island Church history – A little history about the churches and Sunday schools. Island dogs. Inscription Rock – a little history. People We Know: Dick Kelley, John Himmelein, Cricket Lodge, Virginia Lange, Mrs. Fenwick (Mrs. Conrad’s mother), John Bauman, and Kay Haas all had visitors. Clayton, Dorothy, Ruth and Jean Hamilton weekend at East End Hamilton’s homes and Gus Sun visits. Traveling: Harold Schoewe and Eddie Kekelik, Nancy Williams attended funeral of her grandmother, George Cleary returns. Josephine Pohorence no longer sells Avon products, now Rita Seeholzer sells them. Ann Riedy will begin studies at the Sandusky Business College and Mary Seeholzer already attends there. George Durkett may move to Toledo. The Millie’s celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. Larry Ehrbar visited. Sports – The Kelley’s Island Main Team plays. Advertisements: Hamilton’s, Sam’s Auto Shop, Lange & Brown’s, Martin’s Lake Shore Garage, The Casino, Martin’s Grill & Confectionery, Trieschmann’s Market. For sale: 1-1/4 HP Massey Harris Gasoline Engine, pump and pressure tank at the Himmelein House.

No. 2 – August 14, 1937– Vol. 1, No. 2 – August 14, 1937 (No. 2) – Regatta Rules the Waves – report on the 1937 Inter Lake Regatta Kelley’s was represented by Bill and Jimmy Brown. False Alarm – Island’s new fire siren being tested. The Movies – Free movies at the Town Hall by Mr. Canning. Editorial on Reckless Driving. Kelley’s Island genealogy – begins with Datus Kelley and brother Irad. Then John Titus, George Huntington, Charles Carpenter, Edmund Ward, J. E. Woodford, Sylvester Dwelle, Wm. S. Webb, Patrick Martin, Barney McGettigan, James Hamilton and 3 brothers followed by Gairn and Brennan. In 1864, Germans came: Ohlemacher, Becker, Schaedler, Dishinger, Bauman, Gherkin, Koster, Uker, Voight, Elfers and others. Exploring the beauty of Nature. People We Enjoy: Mary Bilbrant (former teacher) to be married, Evangeline Bonchi return, George Gerlock hospitalized, Sonny Elfers off sick list, Mary Marchky working at Good Samaritan Hospital, M/M E. S. Hills and children at East-Aways, Caltherine Layland has a guest, Mrs. F. Elfers and Nellie and Helen entertained, and guests at the Himmelein Hotel. Sports – The Red Wings update, William Perruchon covered in mud, Pete Durkett delivered a well pitched game.

No. 3 – August 21, 1937 – Staff: Francis Williams, Josephine Pohorence, Key Haas, Adelbart Ehrbar, Theodore Himmelein, James Himmelein, Ward Huber, Roberta Hummell. Articles: Theodore Himmelein swam 4 miles from Kelley’s Island to Lakeside. A history of Addison Kelley’s house, built in 1861. The need for better service between Lakeside and Kelleys Island via steamboat. Island girl (Margaret Mervo) become nun. The need for a new fire truck. Humorous article analyzing the species MAN. News: State Highway Dept. installs signs to mark off the state road (Rt. 525) which begins at Inscription Rock and ends at the State Park and Glacial Grooves. Orville Lange fires worker and entire fishing crew walks off. August 15 the Chippewa carried about 600 persons on moonlight ride. Carl Erne plans to move to Marblehead. Walter Elfers is having city water installed at his home. Peter Walsh is caretaker of the Dominican home. His son, Bobby, fell in the lake from Koster’s Dock and Don Lange rescued him. Guests at Rockmere Cottage celebrated with dinner at Bay View Cottage. Mrs. John A. Himmelein holds birthday party for her granddaughter Sandra. Mr. & Mrs. Beatty and daughter visited with Suhrs. Mrs. Boering, known as Bessie Dainte has visitors. Lillian Heistercamp is our new elementary teacher. Edna Harper is our new High School teacher. Ehrbar Cottage has guests. Sports: The Kelley’s Island Baseball Club includes Francis Erne, Michael Mauser. The Kelley’s Island Red Wings lost to the Huron Boosters. Other teams mentioned: Whites Landing and Rotbart Meats. Nature: Members of the Conservation Club of John Marshall High School visit. Advertisements: Martin’s Lake Shore Garage; Gilbert Riedy – Reef Trips & Boat Service; Hamilton’s – The Progressive Store; Trieschmann’s Market; Sam’s Auto Shop; and Lange & Brown’s. For sale an electric Voss washing machine at Jay Norris’ home.

Vol. 1, No. 4 – August 28, 1937 – Staff: Roberta Hummell, Kay Haas, Josephine Pohorence, Adelbart Ehrbar, Ted Himmelein, Ward Huber. Hidden Treasure – Treasure from the War of 1812, $180,000, buried on the North Shore. In 1880 two people came to the Island to search for the treasure and then disappeared. Oh Those Ghosts – Mysterious noises on a north shore house. Like the rest, just imagination. Playing Safe – Tragic drowning, Don Lang(e) mentioned. Weather update and boat trips. People we Know: James Himmelein, George Mills at Huber’s, R. C. Hummel entertained, John Baxter (judge) visited. Dr. Harry Nieman (former principle) is rumored to be married. Charles & Lyn Brown attended the Great Lakes Exposition in Cleveland. Mrs. Kris Kurts and Peggy Dwelle are in the hospital. Survey work being done for a new telephone exchange. Gene Haas visited his mother and sister. R. E. Daving of Columbus showed movies, view of the Island at the home of Albert Blatt. Sports – Baseball – George Mauser, Oliver Schlesselman. They are in the Northern League and played quite a few teams. Nature Trails – Storms are a strange and barbarous beauty. Advertisements: Hamilton’s store, Sam’s Auto Shop, Lange and Brown’s, Martin’s garage, the Casino; Martin’s Grill & Confectionery. Trieschmann’s Market. Franklin Car for sale-see William Pape.

Vol. II, No. 1 – July 9, 1938 – First edition of 1938. Staff: Roberta Hummell, Frances Williams, Jean Himmelein, Josephine Pohorance, Frances Williams, Adelbart Ehrbar. The Glorious 4th – Islanders celebrate while world faces unrest: Japan bombing Chinese, Spanish rebels killing, Jews persecuted. Admiral E. W. Shaw sells speed boat to Alfred McKillips and Clarence Duignan. Boys establish a club in a one room shack (bought from Donald Lange) and moved to Fred Schardt’s dock. Did you know?: KI is the largest fresh water island owned by the U. S. The Post Office was established in 1853. There are 2,888 acres of land and was once owned by Connecticut colonists who never saw it. It was once covered by dense forests and has more rare native wild flowers than any area in Ohio. There were 32 out of state cars over the weekend. People we know: Roberta Hummell, East-a-Ways, Clarence Harvey & the Himmelein House Cricket Lodge all had visitors. Florence Pohorence traveled to Youngstown to visit her aunt and uncle. Beach Party farewell to J. C. Neederhauser, former supt. of the high school. Looking On – a funny story about people watching and a fat man at the beach. Sports – Recognizing some of our old players: Bill Schnittker, Art McKillips, Ossie McKillips, the Island Team and the Red Wings. Advertisements: Martin’s, Brown’s General Store, Camp Kellile and the Old Stone Club, Trieschmann’s Market, The Casino, Martin’s Lakeshore Garage, Hamilton’s Grocery.

Vol. II, No. 2 – July 23, 1938 – Staff: Roberta Hummell, Frances Williams, Josephine Pohorence, Adelbart Ehrbar, N. E. Hills. The Ark – A history of the old Hamilton House, built in 1882 on the North Bay. To the Rescue – Cruiser ran aground n of Hamilton’s Point and Roy Hamilton Jr. came to the rescue. Mystery No. 1 – Norman E. Hills’ Curiosity Shop contains interesting items including geological specimen, skull dug up on Sept. 3, 1937 and a rock found by Frank Haig in the quarry filled with iron, determined to be man-made and brought down by the glaciers. Highways & Byways – The WPA began work on highway repair The East Shore Road was cut through about 5 years previously and is still a ‘cowpath.’ An Island Walk – A moonlight walk in July. People we know: Visits: Laura Hamilton’s granddaughter (Norman Blair and son Topper) Arnold Scheele at his parent’s, Martha Lichti (former teacher) visits Frank Hamilton Col. E. G. Fuller & Capt. R. B. Williams returned from two weeks engineer training at Fort Knox, Andrew Boker summering with Hulda Boker. Traveling: Metro Kekelik at Harmond Indiana with relatives, Wm. F. Becker to spend several months at Steamboat Spring Colorado with his daughter Mrs. J. Bozzard. M/M Hritsco to live in Sandusky, Mr. Fatenini (shoe repairman) to move into Hritsco’s house. Maymee Guerin at W. Virginia. Rev. & Mrs. Larason at the Sharon Center Camp meeting. Services kept by Milton Blatt, Heinz Boker and Ruth Beatty. Agatha Jackson vacations at Sam Myer’s. Margaret Jackman succeeded as school teacher by Miss Zierolf of Hamler OH. Helen Marchky to spend summer with parents, Margaret Perkinson staying with mother and brother here. Kathryn Haas pass entrance to Mt. Sinai Hospital in Cleveland for nurses’ training. Charles Himmelein visits form home in Altoona PA, brother to Art Himmelein. Sports Croquet-it is abounds. Advertisements: Martin’s, Brown’s General Store, Camp Kellile and the Old Stone Club, Trieschmann’s Market, The Casino, Martin’s Lakeshore Garage, Hamilton’s Grocery, Sam’s Auto Sohio Shop, N. A. Blatt Cottage and insurance.

Vol. II, No. 3 – August 6, 1938 – Staff: Roberta Hummell, Frances Williams, Josephine Pohorence, Kay Haas, Adelbart Ehrbar, N. E. Hills. Old Island Wine Cellars – Kelley’s Island Wine Co., Wm. Becker, Schaedler (between Suhr and Bauman), Schaedler (now Old Stone Club), Myers Wine Co. (Koster’s), Stokes, Monarch Wine Co. Mystery No. 2 – A Masonic Rock on display in N. E. Hills’ Curiosity Shop, was found by Stuart Ward. Lovely Bathing Beaches – Trash and garbage being dumped on State beach. People We Know – Stockholder meeting of the Kelley’s Island Steamboat Dock Co appointed William Conkle-Pres.; Frank Hamilton-VP; Irma Conkle-Secretary; and Roland Brown-Treas. Nine directors appointed: Sarah Trieschmann, Orville Lange, Roland Brown, Myra Dodge, Frank Hamilton, George Suhr Sr., Irma Conkle, Ralph Dwelle and William Conkle. Wm. Burger, former manager, awaits appointment of replacement. M/M August Schnittker observe 58th wedding anniversary at Kelley’s Hall. Zulla Mosher visit sister, Emmet Boring. Mrs. Christ Kurtz visits Bellevue to visit Rev. Maerder. Others who came and went: Adolph Seeholzer, Hugh Brennan, F. W.  and William Pape, Helen & Nellie Elfers and mother, Alice Virginia Lange, Rapheael Erne inured, Leslie Beatty, the Kay-Ann Cottage, West Trieschman, John Riedy, Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Schlesselman, Schnittkers, Clarence Josbob, Mary Mazur, William Lange (injured), M/M John Perrachon welcome baby girl; Marjorie Washio, the Upp Cottage, East-a-Ways, and Jack Sennish. Sports – The Island Team lost, mentioned Bud Erne.

Vol. II, No. 4 – August 27, 1938 – Staff: Dick Kelley, Frances Williams, Josephine Pohorence, Janet Wiley, Helen Degnor, N. E. Hills. Ole KI – A picturesque tour of the Island. Mystery No. 3 – 1863 Rumors of invasion from Canada by southern sympathizers and mysterious lights. Mystery No. 4 – 1837 Indian villages, burials and Inscription rock. Back to Work – The quarries are working again. Did you know – The P. O. used to be located in Martin’s Confectionary, the Lang home was the only Catholic Church on the Island, the Locks at Sault Ste. Marie are made with Island limestone. People we know – Helen Marchky, Selma Nader, Wm. Kelley Jr marries, Mrs. Walter Brown injured, Nelson Dwelle, John Ohlemacher, Louis Huber, Floyd Keefer, Oland atteson, Leonard Freund, Hugo Seeholzer, Pape Cottage, Bay view, Roberta Hummell, Kahryn Haas, Glen Haas, F. J. Haas, Arnold Deeringer, John T. Moysey, S. M Herrick , Catherine Ann Herrick, Nancy Williams, Peter Diethie, Michael Szabo, Roberta Hummell, Frances Williams, Josephine Pohorence, Kay Haas, Adelbart Ehrbar, N. E. Hills. Theodore Reidy. Singing, and band concerts in the park.

Vol. II, No. 5 – September 3, 1938 – Staff: Roberta Hummell, Frances Williams, Josephine Pohorence, Kay Haas, Dick Kelley, Bill Pape. Swiss youth (17 yrs old) Claude Bamberger camps. Interesting facts about Ballast Island, Put-in-Bay, Green Island, Rattlesnake Island, Middle Bass Island. Part time – population decreases by 350 as summer ends. People we know: Alice Huber, Rockmere cottage, Ralph Brown, Morning Glory cottage, Bill Pape, Ed Ryan, East-A-Ways, R. C. Hummell, Hiawatha Cottage, Virginia Lange (postmistress), Mary Jane Andres, Eastland Kelley, Gus Kelley. Steak roast on Long Point. Bay View Cottage, Camp Darby, Ed Ehrbar, Frank Hamilton’s dock, Franklin Pohorence works at Hamilton store. Olive Heckel, Ida Michaels, Rev. Larason, Gene Haas, Mabelle Haas.

And this is the last issue of The Islander II.