Home Town News 1983

January 1983 – Cover – Photo: House and Barn, Possible West End Conkle Property. Page 1 – Photo: Ice covered Jeep on Neuman Dock. Page 2 – Birthdays: Ruth Perruchon, Iola Riedy, Jack Sennish, Earl Davings, Kevin Haig, Vicki McKillips, Mrs Dewey Johnson, Eileen Bickley Beerck, Tony Kuchar, Theresa Bucsi, James Seaman, Florence Pohorence Chittenden, Kurt Boker, Ginger McKillips, Art Lange, Godfried Schock, Cyndi McKillips, Toni Longbrake, Jeanette Kuchar, Nadine Brown, Bill McKillips, Lance Ray Marchky, Andrew Pogan, Keith McKillips. Anniversary: Larry Eton, Betty Eton. Page 3 – Community Comments by Coradine Myers: Carol Vogler Elfers, Christmas decorations, Frank Pohorence, Island Market, Geraldine Erne Betzenheimer, Henny Beatty, Jerri Bickley, Ila Dick, Lee Myers, Ethel Fox, ceramic class, Donna Farmer, Denise Fox, birthday, St Michael’s Catholic Church, Zion Methodist Church, Christmas party, Town Hall, Christmas potluck, Ronnie Myers. Page 4 – Quick Quiz, Test your Automobile knowledge. Page 5 – Letters to the Editor: Ethel Underman, Emil Hach, Agnes Hach, Clippers, Fred Meng, Elsie Schiltz Lane, Kaempfe, Tim Koba, Jennifer Koba, Carol Vogler Elfers Bright. Page 7 – Photo: Grandam Gauche, Eddy Ryan, Gene Ryan at Toll’s House, Hamilton Inn, The Inn. Page 9 – Community Comments by Coradine Myers: Ronnie Myers. Ludo, Estes School, play, “Santa and the Snowmobile, Lisa Matso, Elic Watkins, Michael Ludu, Pam Haig, Teri Bianchi, Robin Watkins, Peggy Bianchi, Melissa Eilliston, John Ludo, Pat Seeholzer, Donna Farmer, Jim Terwilliger, John Ludo, open house. Highlights of Council Meeting: Nick Bianchi, Russ Matso, Lee Myers, Mary Schook, Bud Yoscovits, Charles “Jake” Martin, Norbert McKillips, Charlie Moore, town hall roof, Roy Fox, Don Spath,  Ordinance 353, Flood Management, Ordinance 359. Page 11 – Advertisement: Kelleys Island Life.  The Village Pump. Page 12 – Community Comments by Coradine Myers: Lucile Mathews, Sally Willis, Missy Willis, Sherrie Webb, Myra Herschberger, ceramic class, Edna Carroll, Ethel Fox, Al Carroll, Gynyth “Gye” Landis, John Kilko, Kyle Paine, Craft’s, Dave Phinney, Lillian Phinney, L J Greek, Claude Smith, Laurie Riedy Smith, Steve Yatsen, West Bay Inn. Page 13 – Highlights from Council Meeting, Terry Miller, Island Oil Co, Earl Davings, Henry Beatty, Rob Watkins, Roy Fox, Rest rooms. Page 14 – The Good Old Days by Elko Sennish:  1934 fish shanties, ice boats, Roosevelt Ball, Dance, orchestra, John Hughes, Island Council, CWA. Back Cover – Community Comments by Coradine Myers: Coralee Myers, Lee Myers.

February 1983 – Page 2: Birthdays: Mary Ann Sennish, Irene Carcus Csengeri, John M Kibbey, Fred Meng, Burt Miller, Marion Biehl, Larry Sennish. Theresa Frobieter, Virginia Neuman, Paul Perruchon, Elic Watkins, Carol Volger Bright, Joseph Dolezal, Vince Gigiotti, Eleanor Mielke, Marian Biehl, Florence Block, Julia Lsczynski, Mae Sebor, Kelly Frindt, Suzanne Mellinger, Mary Marchky, Tom Hearn, Don McKillips Jr., Corrine M Miller, George Koscho, Claude O Smith, Ginny McKillips. Birthdays. Page 3: Community Comments by Coradine Myers – Roy Fox, VFW, Don Nowak, Donna Nowak, Christmas Party, Geraldine Betzenheimer, Kris Ellison, Pam Haig, Lisa Matso, Ethel Fox, Bridge Club, Ceramic Club, Zion Methodist Church, Christmas Eve. Page 5: Letters to the Editor: Jim Terwilliger, Deer Hunting, Toe Hold, Kaempfe, Sandy Bokerman, Marshall Bokerman, Chigger Hollow, John Ludu, Annie Ludu, Kim Watkins, Rob Watkins, Jean Dwelle, Lucille Mathews, Monica Feyedelem, Lydia Bechtel, Julie Kennedy. Page 7: Highlights of Council January 6, 1983 – Fire, Planning, Airport, Treasurer, Flood Insurance, Piggyback Tax. Nick Bianchi, Russell Matso, Lee Myers, Mary Schock, Buddy Yoscovits, Roy Fox, Dave Phinney, Tom Ullrich, Tim Ullrich, Rob Watkins, Ken Haig, Mike McCune, Norbert McKillips, Pat Seeholzer, Fred Deering, Chamber of Commerce, Terry Miller. Page 8: Kelleys Island News, From the Florida Listening Post by Eddie Ryan. Cliff Brown, Linn “Butch” Brown, Howie Brown, Claude Smith Sr., Kay Herndon, Charley Herndon, Kit Laylin, Bibber Overcasher, Bob Overcasher, Madeleine Williams, Roger Williams, Frank Brown, Ruth Ann Brown, Milt Blatt, Jane Blatt. Page 9 and 10: Community Comments by Coradine Myers Continued from page 3 – Mary Walton, Marshall Bokerman, Nowak, Pat Haig, Paula Haig, Paul Perruchon, Fisherman’s Prayer, Jake Martin, Jessie Martin, Al Rumel, Marge Rumel, New Years Eve, VFW, Karen Seeholzer, Ethel Fox, Roy Fox, Jim Seeholzer Jr., Jude Seeholzer, Bryan Feyedelem, Barb Schadle, Lee Schadle, Carolyn DeBoard, Bill Wolf, Bill Wolf Jr., Rosemary Wolf, Dick Sennish. Page 11: Letters to the editor: Kelley Mansion, Del Ehrbar, Lange and Brown Grocery, Coradine Myers, Virginia Keefer, Monica Feyedelem, Mrs. Sylvia Erney. Obituary: Donald Paul Lange, Catherine Lange, Diane Young, Peggy Henahan, Michael Lange, Charles Lange. Page 12, 13 and 14: Letters to the Editors: Joe Feyedelem, Kim Watkins, Donna Nowak, Casino, New Years Eve, Bea Matso, Helen Marchky, Lucille Mathews, Kit Moore, Charles Moore, Dr. Bloom, Sis McKillips, Don Kowak, Paynes, Kaneen, Pat Haig, Norbert McKillips, Dave Phinney, Lillian Phinney, George Mannbeck, Jerry Farrell, Josephine Bianchi,, Euel Wistman, Eila Russell, James Russell, Hans Schmidt, Hilda Schmidt, Clayton Hughes, Kim Watkins, Rob Watkins, John Ludu, Ann Ludu, Annie Ludo, Lawrence Betzenheimer, Norm Landis, Guy Landis, Katie Boker, Roy Erne, Geraldine Erne Betzenheimer, Caroline “Mouse Soup” Taylor, Al Rumel,  Marge Rumel,  Bob Voltz, Maribeth Voltz Ringholz, Earl Bowman, Ethel Underman. Advertisements: The Casino, Don Nowak, Donna Nowak, Neuman Boat Line Schedule, Challenger.

March 1983 – Page 2 – Happy Birthday Airies, Famous Arians. Birthdays: Roger Carroll, Merle Bickley, Julie Pascoe, Walter Lesczynski, Arline McKillips, Jo Anne McKilleps, Julie McKillips Barnhart, Dee Mack, Henry Beatty, Debbie McKillips Brogle, Linda Erne Goaziou, Miliie Grubb, Robert Bryne, Father Eugene Lovisa, Lee Meyers, Bucky Harris. Anniversary: Marge Pogan, Andy Pogan. Community Comments by Coradine Myers: Fireman’s Ball, Lee Myers, Ronnie Myers, Roy Fox, Seeholzer, Paul Matso, Connie Matso, Lydia Dwelle, Sandy Bokerman, Marshal Bokerman, Molly Yoscovits, George Yoscovits, Jackie Yocovits, Caroline Taylor, Jerry Taylor, Caroline DeBoard, Zion Methodist Church, Jean Dwelle, birthday, Virginia Miller, Art Lange, O Hugh Lange, Lee Shadle, Barb Schadle, Marge Newcom, Kim Watkins, Albert Fresch, Marylyn Fresch, Dan Fresch, Toby Zettler, Nora Zettler, Steve James, Laurie James, Ben Elfers, Neuman Dock, Don Nowak, Donna Nowak, Valentines Day, St Patrick’s Day, VFW, Bingo, Fran Minshall, Helen Stcklorath, Bill Sticklorath, Conkles Beehive, Ethel Fox, ceramics class. Page 5 – Letters to the Editor: Jean Dwelle, Mariane Nokes, Chamber of Commerce, Kelley’s Island Business People Association, Cindy Saltzman. Page 7 – Highlights From School News: School Curriculum. Lucile Mathews, Christmas decorations, John Ludu, Donna Farmer, Pat Seeholzer, Community pot Luck. Selecting the Christmas Tree by John Ludu: Kurt Boker, Kim Watkins, Paula Haig, Sharon Bianchi, Pat Haig, Anne Ludu. Page 9 – Casino Party Thrills Island: Don Nowak, Donna Nowak, Lou Gigilotti, Kathy Ulrich, Tom Ulrich, Mildred Titus, Herbie Titus, Island Marshall, Chippewa, Centennial, parade, Catharine McMannamon. Page 10 – The Maccabee Temple by Iva Erne: Brown’s General Store, August Scheduler, 1800, Ed Curilla, Marquette Hall, fund raising, Junior-Senior Banquet. Page 11 – New Years at the Lodge 1982-1983: New year’s Eve, Bea Matso, Russ Matso, Paul Matso, DeAnn Kessler, decorations. Page 12 – Island loses Native Son, Don Lange: Frank Lange, Stella Lange, Henry Lange, Emma Lange, Marquette grade school, Estes School, Gini Lange, Kelleys Island Dock Company, Katie Lange. Page 13 – Marquette Hall by Iva Erne: next to Catholic parish house, Catholic Elementary School, 1925, Franciscan nuns, Card Parties, Rolland Brown, Michael O’Rourke, Mayme Guerin, Carl Schock, Ellis Hughes, Clayton Hughes, Esther Ward, Mayme Duignan, Kate Duignan, Herbert Bickley, Clarence Kosbab, Henrietta Seeholzer, Oscar McKillips, Ed Ward, Jay Norris, Fred Martin, William Schnittker, Clayton Schlesselman, Marvin Schlesselman, Henry Marchky, James Marshy, Lloyd Marchky, Cecil Marchsky, William Schlesselman, Rolland Erne,  Walter Brown, George Kosbab, Laura Seeholzer, Viola Haig, Henry Bickley, Emma Trieschman, Logan Bickley, Herbert Prignitz, Sam Myers, Carl Brennan, Kathleen Lange, Mildred Titus. lawn fetes. Kelleys Island VFW #9908 List Accomplishments: Memorials, Jack Sennish, Charles Dunn, Betty LaLonde, Mae Norris, fruit baskets, hospital, Slim Yoscovits, Betty LaLonde, Jack Sennish, Marshal Bokerman, Norm Greeney, Herman Maruschke, insulation, thank you feed for island clean up, teachers and students, poppy sales, bike light project, Memorial day parade and service, Veterans day service, Back to School Feed, promotion and donation to St Michael’s Church, Chicken Barbecue, Pot Luck, Halloween kids party, Christmas kids party, Pay landfill bill for seniors, Bindo, Interested Citizens of Kelleys Island, Village Funeral fund, School children recreation fund. Wind Turbines Subject of NASA visit by Elic Watkins: Hank Pfanner, Plumbrook, electricity. Back Cover – School Play Draws Applause from Audience by Mike Ludu: “Santa and the Snowmobile, Kurt Boker. Advertisements: Carpet Cleaning, Steve James.  The Village Pump, The Casino, Neuman Boat Line, Schedule, Challenger.

April & May 1983 – Cover: John Becks, Eileen Anderson, LaVerne Ehrbar, Warren Bartel, Jane Bartel, Del Ehrbar vacation picture. Letters to the Editor: Ethel Sunderman, Art & Ruth Schnittker, Mrs. Harland Schoewe. Birthday list. Horoscope for Taurus. Community Comments: St. Patrick’s Day at the Casino and VFW, Maybelle Kekelik, Jeannette Kuchar, Joe Zezeno (died), Donna Nowak, Bud Yoscovits and VFW potluck, Kim Watkins March 21-Snow! Ethel Fox, Norby McKillips, Ted & Bonnie Blatt, Sam D’Angelis, Dave & Lillian Phinney, Robert Erne, Norm Landis, Lucille Mathews, L. J. Greek, Kurt & Dante Zettler, Jim Seeholzer, Steve James, Bill Wolf, Huey Lange, Joe Onders, Bill Gorchester, Bob Schwartz, Lloyd Marchky, Theresa Busci and Nancy Kelley. Two dogs on roof of the Pump. Florence Chittenden, Bob Gruly, Porthole, Anchor Inn Gift Shoppe, Bob Grubb, Marge & Al Rumel, VFW Easter egg Hunt, Pat Seeholzer, Zion Church, Pat Haig, Donna Nowak, Bea Matso, Cynthia Hughes, Megan McCune, Pan Haig, Allison Cooke, Julie Lescynzinski. Pat & Ken Haig, Mary Marchky, Ethel Fox, Ellies Hughes, Frank, Pee Wee & Florence Pohorence. Letters to the Editor: Eileen Johnson, Theresa Frobieter, Jeanette Koscho, Claude O. Smith, Dolores Forthover, Judy DuShane. Fireman’s Ball: Ann & Caroline Neuman, Overcasher, Kyle Payne, David Macri, Lindsey Staas, Herman Maruska, Geraldine Betzenheimer, Rob Watkins, Dave Phinney, Jim Terwilliger, Golden Agitator Award, Ann Ludu, Del Ehrbar, Ray Feyedelem, Lucy & Norm Landis, Written by Caroline (Mouse Soup) Taylor. The Inn begins third season: Lori DeBoard, Pat Hayes, and a little history including James Hamilton, Elzina & Erastus Huntington, Fredrena Kelley Hamilton, the Upp family, Captain Frank & Kathryn Hamilton. Jeanette & George Cleary, Pat & Lori Hayes. First Trip of the Season by Ted Blatt: Gerry Bickley, Hugh Lange, Bill Koenigseker, Pam Steible, Bonnie & Ted Blatt, Gerry Bickley, Mr and Mrs Andrew Pogan, Captain Swanson. Obit: Stephen R. Feyedelem 72. Members of the KI Chamber of commerce. New Officers (of the Chamber?). Highlights of the Council Meeting – business surtax suggested and declined. KI diary for February: Ethel & Roy Fox, Iola & Laurie Reidy, the Casino, Don & Donna Nowak, Dante Zettler, Pastor & Mary Walton, Bill Bedovic, Norm Landis, VFW potluck. Frankie Pohorence, Geraldine Betzenheimer and the Post Office, Steve Yatsun’s bulldozer fell into lake, Edna Carroll, Peggy Yuhaus (died) St. Michaels church, Father Sherbno, Sharon Bianci, Terry & LaVerne Greeney, Kathy Ullrich, Marge & Al Rumel, Dick Sennish, Osage Orange trees. Molly Yoscovitz, Lloyd Marchky, Betty Ryan, Jessie Martin, Earl Daving, Ellis Hughes. Oscar Bilideau, Henny Beatty, Marshall Bokerman, Jay Norris, Steve Kekelik, Roy Fox, Lawrence Betzenheimer, Donna, Maybelle Kekelik, Ethel Fox, Kris Ellison, Lillian Phinney, Kathy Ullrich, Jeanette Kuchar, Penny Payne, Martha & Joe Onders (by Coradine).

June 1983 – Cover – First through 3rd graders, KI school 1958 – Lizabeth Martin Fresch, Laurie Reidy Smith, Kendall Brown, Barbara Feyedelem, Miss Helen Baker, Lenore Knapp, Mary Ruth Smith, Sally Reidy, Linda Erne Goaziou, Martha Riedy, Kevin Kleba (courtesy of Linda Erne Goaziou). School news. Birth list. Community Comments by Coradine Meyers: John Ludu, Pat Haig, Sharon Bianchi, Bea Matso, Lillian Kokas, Lou Giglotti, ceramics class, Ethel Fox, Frankie Pohorence, Jessie Martin, Betty Ryan, Helen Sticklorath, John Liwosz, Kathy Kennedy, Barry Gray, Jim, Tammy, Eleanor & Michael Liwosz at wedding. Ellies & Clayton Hughes, Pat Johnson, Kay Boker, Pat Haig, Lillian Kokas, Del & LaVerne Ehrbar, Jakie Martin. Haig clan men names begin with K – Ken, Kevin, Keith and all female members start with P – Pat, Paula, Pam. Letters to the Editor: Josephine & Florence Pohorence (1933 story), Alice Huber, Opel Hemler, Josephine Krizek, Dorothy Jean Oyler, Eddie Ryan, Frances Williams by Bertie Hummell Beckman. The Travelers – a poem by Jessie A. Martin. Del Ehrbar writes about The Islander II – Indian bones unearthed, Norman Hills, Frances Williams, Virginia Keefer (Lange), Donald Paul Lange, Ginny Lange, Daze Lange and Roland Brown former Mayors. Oley Family, Navorska, Eddie Ryan. The former tennis court, Joe Nader, Billy Pape. Judy & Leonard Weintraub donate a plot of ground for Butterfly Festival raffle. Photo of KI Dock where Margaret Leyden Seehan was employed from 1915-1920. Carol Vogler Bright mentions L. J. Greek, Ronnie Beatty. Photo: Lee Myers, Coradine Myers, Caroline & Denny Frazen, Ronnie Myers and Danny Franzen. Neuman Boat Line offers 2-hour lunch cruise. Back page – photo Margaret Leyden Sheehan, Charles Himmelein downtown at the steamboat dock in 1916.