Our School 1950s



1954 – KIHS Class of ’54This yearbook was custom made with typed pages and black and white photos glued to the pages. It is probably one-of-a-kind.

School – A brief history of the Estes School. Board of Education: Charles Schnittker-President, Alvin Betzenheimer-Vice President, Harriet Martin-Clerk, Laura Seeholzer, Jeanne Schlesselman & Franklin Pohorance [Pohorence].  Faculty: Lloyd K. Hilliard-Executive Head, Kathleen Lange (grades 1-3), Mary E. Rice (Grades 4-6), Jessie Martin and Bruno Parro (High School). Custodian: Hugo Seeholzer. There is poem about the teachers and a little background on each.

Grades 1-3: Mrs. Kathleen Lange, Bonita Beltz, Dennis McKillips, Vivian Beltz, Daniel Brown, Donald Miller, James Bugel, Joan Erne, Kenneth Knapp, Randall Bickley, Charles Riedy, Pauline Schoewe, Bernadette Erne, Richard Schlesselman, Patricia Perruchon, Diane Hughes, James Kekelik, John Hilliard, Jeffrey Norris, Sharon Kleba, Jessica Riedy and Ned Peruchon [Perruchon] (and photo).

Grades 4-6: Mary Rice, Judith Schlesselman, Darrell McKillips, Linda McKillips, Beatrice McKillips, Donald Schlesselman, Donald Bugel, Carol Perruchon, Dorothy Kekelik, Jane Erne, Marie Riedy, Robert Miller, Loren McKillips, and William Perruchon (and a photo).

Grades 7-8: Mrs. Jessie Martin, Henry Schlesselman, Marline KcKillips, Robert Erne, Anne Lange and John Betzenheimer (and photo).

Freshman & Sophomore Class: Bruno Parro, Richard Bugel, David Brown, William Erne, James Erne, Nancy Bugel, Joan Betzenheimer, Shirley Seeholzer and Coletta Seeholzer (and photo). In another area Jack Schock is mentioned.

Junior & Senior: Lloyd Hilliard, Gladys Matso, Carol Schlesselman, Dominic Bianchi, Marilyn Martin and Geraldine Erne (and photo).

Featured articles, some with photos, include: Class Trip, Typing class, Home Economics class, senior class poem, class will, senior class history, Study Hall, Industrial Arts class, senior class prophecy, and a biography of Hugo Seeholzer, custodian (with photo).