Our School 1970s


Joel Feyedelem Editor, Pat Seeholzer Advisor. Aerial photo of school, has slide in front yard and wood foyer addition. “We dedicate our first yearbook to all the alumni of our school.”
Board of Education: Florence McKillips, Virginia Kilko, Sharon Bianchi, Wayne Finger, Dominic Bianchi, Monica Feyedelem. Faculty: Kurt Boker, Mrs. James (Patricia) Seeholzer, Miss Mary Ann Grabarcsyk, Miss Barbara Douthett. Graduates: Joel P. Feyedelem.
Undergraduates: Gary Finger, Janet Schandorsky, Debbie Seeholzer, Jim Seeholzer, Tim Kilko. Junior High: Karen Seeholzer, Pam Betzenheimer, Angel Thorne, Tony Siciliano, Vinnie Thorne, Charles Harris, Michael Seeholzer, Sherry Willis, Paul Matso. Grades 1-5: Maria Feyedelem, Jane Thorne, Chris Seeholzer, Connie Matso, William Chambers, Scott Willis, Candi Lee Harris, Jimmy Thorne. Yearbook Advisor: Michele Finger.
Lots of old photos including The Post Office in the General Store, Ferry, airplanes, cows, etc. There are photos students: of the South Side School 1901, East Side School 1896, North Side School 1900, Central School 1896 as well as photos from 1912, 1926, 1927, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s (generally all have names listed). Custodians Cal Jordan 1923-1941, ‘Hooks’ Seeholzer 1941-1964, ‘Uncle Roy’ Erne 1964. There is a history of the school. Alumni list 1889-1974.
Advertisements: Martin Oil Co (Jake & Jessie Martin) Fresch Electric-Sandusky,  Christopher, Wayne & Michele Finger, The Casino (Don & Donna Nowak), Jim Seeholzer General contractors, Ted Blatt Sohio Service (Sandusky), Island Market (F. J. Pohorence), Joe’s Garage (Joseph Schandorsky), Ahner Sheet Metal-Sandusky, Kamp Kellisle (Jim & Vange Bugel), Lange Insurance Agency (O. High Lange), The Island Cottage and Kelleys Island Dari-Land, Linde-Camp (Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Lindecamp), Crafts Lake View Lane, McCune’s Charter Boat Service, R. S. Riedy & Sons, Francis A. Gallagher, Franketti’s Island House, Burt Miller, Matso’s Place, Rev. Joseph M. Ehrbar, Sennish Gas Service, George Fresch Auto, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Bianchi, Marv Byer. Inside front cover: Property of Jean Dwelle, April 24, 1974.

Photographs: World War I Red Cross (ladies in white dresses) Mrs. Pat Barry, Mrs. Tom May, Mrs. Nelson Dwelle, Mrs. John Guerin, Mrs. Lester Towle, Mrs. John Cameron, Mrs. Lester Carpenter. 2nd row: Mrs. John Hughes, Mrs. Frank Reinheimer, Mrs. William Burger, Mrs. August Schnittker, Mrs. George Suhr, Mrs. Frank Hauser, Mrs. Fred Martin, Mrs. William Maag, Mrs. Ed Ward.
Board of Education: Virginia Kilko, Sharon Bianchi, Monica Feyedelem, Florence McKillips, Wayne Finger and Nick Bianchi. Faculty: Kurt Boker, Mrs. James Seeholzer, Mary Ann Grabarczyk and Roy Erne custodian. 11th Grade: Debbie Seeholzer, Gary Finger, Janet Schandorsky. 10th Grade: Sam Siciliano, Jim Seeholzer, Tim Kilko. 9th Grade: Karen Seeholzer, Joni Loehrig, Pam Betzenheimer. Junior High: Marie Feyedelem, Paul Matso, Sherry Willis, Charlie Harris, Mike Seeholzer, Tony Siciliano. Grade 1-5: David Perruchon, Candi Harris, Connie Matso, Chris Seeholzer, Scott Willis, Steve Loehrig, William Chambers. Lots of photos including the stage curtain, ruins of the K I Wine Co, and poems.
Other photos Classes of 1920: William Burger, Rosella Elfers, Sam Meyers, George Suhr, Fern Austin and Ralph White. Class of 1896: Lillie Schardt, Clara Dusault, Emma Hauser, Olga Schardt, Mary Adams, Harry Quinn, Earl Levvy [Lewwe], Bill Shuler, Ohle Macher [?Ohlemacher], Lee Brown, Henry Vollmer, Erastus Huntington, Elsie Vietz, Carl Fedderson, Anna Fedderson, Mary Merkle, Leona VanWovern, Herbert Becker, Wanda Dwelle, Grace Mootz, Carl and Charles Merkle, Flora Brown, Ada Himmelein, Amanda Ott, Mayme Ott, Rose Fedderson, Edna Ranft, Lizzie Gerlach, Rose Ott, Irene Vietz, Stewart Ward, Art Himmelein, Lee Levvy [Lewwe], Irving Elfers, Paulie Vollmer, Millie VanWovern, Howard Hamilton, Chester Quinn, Fred Merkle, Leslie Harvey. Teacher Charlotte Ward. Class of 1947: Mr. Swasey, Robert Schnittker, James Seeholzer, Karl Beatty, John Mazur Elaine Martin, Geraldine Beatty, Barbara Bickley, Dena Bianchi. Class of 1948: Mr. Swasey, Thomas Lange, Donald Perruchon, Marilyn Blatt, Laurel Brown. Several photos of ‘past students’: Henrietta Dwelle Beatty, Viola Elfers Haig, Theresa Seeholzer Brennan, Rosella Elfers Beatty, Emanda Erne Forkas. Sanburg Literary Society about 1934: Evangeline Bonchi, Lois Dwelle, Bernadette Bauman, Hazel Duncan, Helen Mervo, Robert Brown, Heinz Boker, William Blatt, Elko Sennish, Charles Brown.
Class trip of ’53 and ’53: Ronald Beatty, Ada McKillips Donna Lenyo, Renetta Erne, Bernadette McKillips, Nadine Brown, Willard Norris, Howard Brown, Carol Haig, Russell Matso. Seated NBC announcer.
1939 Track Team: Helmut Boker, Mr. Davis, Lawrence Betzenheimer, Nello Bianchi, Billy Schnittker, Paschal Righi, Jimmy Brown, Lawrence Feyedelem, Mike Mervo, Francis Betzenheimer, Max Schnittker, Francis Rudolph. 1939 Basketball team: Coach Mr. Corthell, Mike Mervo, Lawrence Walland, Billy Brown, Jimmy Brown, Lawrence Feyedelem, Wayne Beatty, Francis Betzenheimer, Paschal Righi, Roger Kurtz, Nello Bianchi. Girls Basket Ball Team: Laura Jean Seeholzer, Rose Marie Elfers, Nancy Ward, Elaine Martin, Geraldine Beatty, Ila Beatty, Barbara Bickley. 1949 Football Team – Willard Norris, Nick Bianchi, Don Hughes (Teacher), Russell Matso, Ronny Beatty, Dick Bugel, Dick Navorska, Ronald Rizeen, Bill Erne, Jim Erne.
School history: reference Norman Hills book, articles from 1870’s and 1880’s. Teachers mentioned Mary Mahony, Ellen Bauman, Mary Roesch, Nettie Cameron, Miss Schardt. One article from 1899 and 1901, 1902. Mentioned Miss Kelley, Mr. Hertlein, W. W. Obermeyer, Ellen Bauman, Charlotte Ward, Irene Mootz, Mr. Jordan janitor, Mary Kondick, A. Hauser, Anetta Reynolds. George Schardt.
Photographs: Coutcher’s Bar, The Island House and downtown in 1870, The Store Dock, Gus Kelley’s Post Office, Pat Murphy’s store, Matso’s Place. Christian G. Leonhardt shoe and leather bookmaker Division St., 1887-1894. Several photos of the winter mail carriers. Jake Martin unloading freight from Hershberger’s mail plane. The celery field, pitching hay. Photo of the boats Betz and Pal docked at Mick Riedy’s dock (then Miller’s Marina), A sturgeon caught by Puddy McKillips and Mike Riedy, Washing nets at the North side, Adne McKillips, Speedy McKillips, Boss McKillips, Fuzzy McKillips, Joe Moross, Steve Latchney. The Sweet Valley Wine Co, sold in 1904 and renamed Monarch Wine Co. The Kelleys Island Wine Co. Second tying of grapes in Roland Brown’s Vineyard: Mrs. At Duignan, Elizabeth Hesse, Sarah Blatt, Esther Roswurm, Ada Himmelein, Ethel Whitney. Kosters Dock 1898. Lime Kilns north side about 1902. The Cooper Shop Gang: Albert Fedderson, Jesse Feagie, Pete Diffley, Jim Casey, Bill Duignan, Bill Diffley, Charlie Hipp, Titus Bartsche, John Diffley Joe Bobby, Mike Steve, Andrew Brokup, Mike Slavinsky and Rochie Fedderson. The Incubator at the West Bay, Quarrying the Great Grooves, loading at the Norman Kelley Quarry, Loading dock at the West Bay, Steam Shovel 39, North side quarry 1874, North side railroad, east side quarry, drilling operation 1938.
Kelley’s Island Brass Band: John Coutcher, Henry Riedy, Charles Yeager, John Moysey, Charles Seeholzer, Gus Elfers, Charles Quinn, Philip Roswurm, Ralph Dwelle.
Kelley’s Island Baseball Team: Philip Roswurm, Elko Sennish, Pat Murphy, Alfred Moysey, Roland Brown, Elmer Maag. Middle row: Irving Moross, Lee Brown, Leonard Roswurm, BOTTOM ROW: Eldon Roswurm (bat boy) and Allie McKillips. According to Mary McKillips – the team was called the Red Wings.
Knights of St. John marching down Lake Shore Drive for dedication of St. Michael’s Church. Emily Geyersberger and Fritz and Freda Moeck ice fishing. Recovering drown horses through the ice. Ed Ward and Alfonse Erie. Surrey with the fringe on top.
Kelleys Island Dramatic Club: Howard Hamilton, Ruth Roswurm, Arnold Elfers, Charles Himmelein, Douglas Carpenter, Irma Moross, Hazel Hamilton, Frank Hamilton, Leslie Beatty, Leonard Roswurm and Walter Kurtz.
Advertisements: Christopher, Wayne, Michele Finger, Jake & Jessie Martin the Martin Oil Co., The Casino Don and Donna Nowak, St. Michael’s Parish Fr. Mike Madden, Jim Seeholzer, Joseph Schandorsky Joe’s Garage, Kelleys Island Roofing Neuman Boat Line, Ted Blatt Sohio, Linde Camp, Charles P. Lindecamp, Burt Miller, James E. Bugel, Griffing Flying Service, The Island Cottage and Kelleys Island Dari-Land, the Island Market, F. J. Pohorence, Joe and Martha Onders, McCune’s Charter Boat Service, Vi’s Bike Rental, The Zion Methodist Church, Matso’s Place, Russell & Beat Matso, Rev. Joseph M. Ehrbar, Jim and Angie Leo, Craft’s Lake View Lane, Heinz Boker MD, Don and Linda Loehrig.

Contains photographs of the Kelley family – Datus, Sara, Irad, Martha, Addison, Hon. Alfred, William D., Irving, Alfred S., Julius, William Dean, William Datus, William D., Nancy Kelley. Board of Education: Monica Feyedelem, Wayne Finger, Virginia Kilko, Sharon Bianchi, Nick Bianchi, Florence McKillips. Faculty: Kurt Boker, Pat Seeholzer, Mary Ann Grabarczyk and Metro Kilko Custodian. Students: Debbie M. Seeholzer, Gary Finger. Juniors: Jim Seeholzer, Tim Kilko, Sam Siciliano. Sophomores: Karen Seeholzer, Pam Betzenheimer. Freshmen: Vinnie Thorne, Tony Siciliano, Charles Harris, Mike Seeholzer. Junior High: Sherry Willis, Paul Matso, Marie Feyedelem. Sixth Grade: Connie Matso, Chris Seeholzer, Scott Willis. Fifth grade: Cindy Harris. Kindergarten: Lisa Matso, Chris Finger, Missy Willis. Lots of photographs, poems, map of the Island, pictures of buildings. Photo of monuments in cemetery, ruins, Kamp Kellile, many contain a very short history.
Page 41 contains a list of Island Mayors through 1974. At the back are advertisements: The Casino-Don and Donna Nowak, The Martin Oil Co-Jake & Jessie Martin, St. Michael’s Church-Fr. Mike Madden, Kelleys Island Roofing, Ahner Sheet Metal, Christopher, Way, Micele Finger, Jim Seeholzer, Joe’s Garage-Joseph Schandorsky, Neuman Boat Line, Burt Miller, Kamp Kellile Dick Windgate, Jim & Angie Leo, Linde-Camp – Charles P. Lindecamp, Huntley Cleaners & Uniform rental-Don & Mary Ellen Huntley, James E. Bugel general construction, Fresch Electric, Ted Blatt Sohio Service Don & Linda Loerig – Kelleys Mansion, The Island Market-F. J. Pohorence, the Island Cottage & Kelleys Island Dari-Land, Nancy Kelley, The Zion Methodist Church-Rev. J. Warren Walton Pastor, Joe and Martha Onders, McCune Charter Boat Service, Vi’s bike rental, Marv Byer, Franketti’s Island House, Crafts Lake View Lane, Mike McCune’s bait shop, Rev. Joseph M. Ehrbar.

Graduates: Timothy Kilko, Samuel Siciliano, Jim Seeholzer. Board of Education: Wayne Finger, Monica Feyedelem, Florence McKillips, Joe Onders, Nick Boianchi and clerk Sharon Bianchi. Faculty: Kurt Boker, Patricia Seeholzer, Mary Ann Grabarczyk. Custodian: Metro Kilko. Juniors: Karen Seeholzer, Pam Betzenheimer, Mike Seeholzer, Vinnie Thorne, Tony Ciciliano, Charles Harris. Freshmen: Paul Matso, Sherry Willis. Junior High: Marie Feyedelem, Chris Seeholzer, Connie Matso, Scott Willis, Candi Harris. Elementary: Lisa Matso, Missy Willis, Chris Finger. Lots of photos of the students and their activities.
                This yearbook was dedicated to Captain Frank Hamilton and all other men of the Great Lakes. Picture and bio of Frank Hamilton. Photos and descriptions of boats connected to Kelleys Island including: Put-in-Bay  Walk-in-The-Water, Island Queen, Philo Parsons, Frank E. Kirby, Chippewa, Evening Star, Arrow, Erie Isle, City of Hancock, Jay Cooke, Pennsylvania, G. A. Boeckling, R. B. Hayes, Olcott. Special section of Neuman Boat Line boats: Commuter, Kelley Islander, Mascot, Messenger. Photos of boats at the various loading docks: Frank E. Kirby, Simon Laugell, Frank Billings, Sidney Smith, Oliver L. Moore, Marcus Rollings, and Jack Wirt.
                Advertisements: The Casino (Don & donna Nowak), Upper Lakes Towing, Seaway Marina, St. Michael’s church (Fr. Mike Madden), Kelleys Island Roofing, Ahner Sheet Metal/Sibley Inc, Hancock-Wood Electric Co-operative, O. Hugh Lange Insurance, Third National Bank of Sandusky, Jim Seeholzer-General contractor, Burt Miller, Village Pump (Christopher Eugene Finger), Neuman Boat Line, The citizens Banking Co. of Sandusky, Brown’s General Store, Sandusky Area funeral Directors Assoc., the Island Market (F. J. Pohorence), Sandusky Register, The Lodge, Matso’s Place, Huntley Cleaners & Uniform Rental, Jostens (Pt. Clinton), District Petroleum Products, Koch Aluminum, chef’s Pantry, Polar-Pure, the Zion Methodist Church (Rev. J. Warren Walton), Franketti’s Island House, vision Clinic (Ramie Dick), SR. S. Riedy & Sons roofing, Howard Myers real estate, Geo. Canolos Inc, R. G. Carrroll Insurance, Ace Motor Transport co (Dutch Biechele), Nick/Sharon/Terri Lin Bianchi, Joe & Martha Onders, Holzapfel Bros, Marv Byer, Re. Joseph Ehrbar, Joe’s Garage (Joseph Schandorsky), and Robert Strayer Realty.

Graduates Pam Betzenheimer and Karen Seeholzer,  Board of Education: Wayne Finger, Monica Feyedelem, Sharon Bianchi, Joe Onders, Hank Knapp and Roy Fox. Faculty: Kurt Boker, Pat Seeholzer, Donna Farmer, custodian Metro Kilko. Juniors: Mike Seeholzer, Vinnie Thorne, Charles Harris, Tony Ciciliano. Sophomores: Sherry Willis, Paul Matso. Freshmen: Marie Feyedelem. Junior High: Chris Seeholzer, Connie Matso, Scott Willis, Kevin Haig, Candi Harris. Lower grades: Lisa Matso, Missy Willis, Chris Finger, Niki Dye. Lots of photos and poetry.
Interviews: Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown, Jean Dwelle (who mentioned Dwelle Hotel and John Himmelein). Lloyd Marchky and Mrs. Frank Hamilton (who mentioned, Elfer’s Grocery Store and the Casino. Karl Miller (who mentioned, Ted Blatt’s house). Ann Pohorence (who mentioned Joseph and Ann Chervany-parents, quarry railroad, Camp Darby, Joe Pohorence-husband and Florence Pohorence-daughter). Roy Erne (who mentioned Alphonse Erie-father, Butcher, Iva Riedy Erne-wife). Molly Yoscovitz (who mentioned Charles Erie-father, Constance Erne-mother, George Yoscovitz-husband, Ward Hotel, grape pickers ball). Dr. Heinz Boker. Art Lange (also mentioned Kelley’s Island Lime & Transport Co., Mrs. Mike Riedy, Jerry Dwelle house, Kelley’s Island Wine Co., Mr. Schardt).
There are also short items about the Church and its organ, Pinochle club, Bridge Club, Christmas and New Year’s parties, Ecumenical services, Fireman’s ball, Council, Planning Commission, Water Board, VFW Post 9908, Volunteer Fire Dept. St. Michael’s Church, the Island Market, Interested Citizens, winter transportation.
Advertisements include: The Casino, Don and Donna Nowak, Jim Seeholzer General contractor, Neuman Boat Line, Brown’s General Store, O Hugh Lange Insurance Agency, Burt Miller, Lee, Coradine & Ronnie Myers, the Zion Methodist Church-Rev. J. Warren Walton pastor, The Island Market, Vision Clinic-Ramie Dick, Marine Grille & Motel-Tip Dye owner, Charles (Jake) Martin Jr.-general contractor and proprietor of Martin Oil Co. The Lodge Matso’s Place, the Island Cottage Gift Shoppe & Dari-Land, Jessie Martin author Franketti’s Island House, Marv Byer, Heinz & Kate Boker, Craft’s Lake View Lane, Rev. Joseph M. Ehrbar, Joe & Martha Onders, Joe, Monica & Marie Feyedelem, Kim & Joel Feyedelem, W. D. Kelley, John Mandy Mickey and Glenn Holzhauser, St. Michael’s Church Rev. John C. Sherbno.

1979 – While we cannot locate a copy of this yearbook, thanks to Joel Feyedelem, we have these great photos of graduation. Graduates were Mike Seeholzer, Tony Siciliano and Vinnie Thorne.