Our School 1990s


Enrollment 22. Class of 1994: James Frederick Kennedy. Featured with a biography and a ‘will’ – Karrah Trainer, Jaime Tolson, Kristie Morsher. Administration: Dr. Gale Leimbach, Charles Coffman, Connie Morsher. School Board: Cathy Ullrich, Pat Haig, Marie St. Julian, Jessie Martin, Walter Krzynowek, Betty Schwiefert. Faculty: June Campbell (school nurse), Dorothy Krzynowek (Custodian), Caryn Lee, Donna Farmer, Joyce Bouy (Guidance Counselor), Phyllis Humphrey, Nancy Kinsel, Patricia Seeholzer, Donna Singer and Lucy Collins. Senior High: Jeremy Mock, Michelle Mock, Steve Petri, Joey St. Julian. Junior High: Diana Coffman, Holly St. Julian, Amanda Morsher, Lindsay Van Orman. Elementary: Will Troup, Krista St. Julian, Christopher Petri, Matt Ullrich, Stevie Ullrich. Kindergarten & Preschool: Kevin Holmes, Grant Grayson, Jessica Joyce, D. J. Karanicolas, Seth Schnittker, Natalie Holmes, J. P. St. Julian. There are a lot of photos in this yearbook including: organizations, academics, sports (Island Girls & track team), cooperative learning, school play, summer jobs.
Government: Mayor Don Haas, Clerk-Treasurer Jean Kuyoth, Solicit Randal L. Strickler. Council: Chuck Herndon, Gary Finger, Mark Sivie, Tim Sullivan, Russell Matso, Rich Holmes. Interesting question asked: How do you see the Island in the future? Park board: Cathy Ullrich, Leslie Korenko, Bruce Korenko, Vicki Finnegan, Paul Finnegan. Cemetery Board: Rich Holmes, Jean Kuyoth, Ila Dick. Design Review board: Russell Matso, Ralph Wilms, Beverly Johnson, Barb Shadle, Ann Sennish, Bill Minshall. Building & Zoning Inspector: Jack Terry. Water Superintendent: Bruce Korenko. Board of Public Affairs: Beatrice Matso, Paul Johnson, Robert Overcasher, Florence McKillips. Planning Commission: Chuck Herndon, Don Haas, Beverly Johnson, Lori Hayes and Ralph Wilms. Volunteer fire Dept.: Chief-Jim Se. Julian, Asst. Chief-Rob Coulon, Captain-Rob Holmes, Lt.-George Coffman, Joe Adams, Mike Bailey, Shane Delin, Rick Holmes, Don Huntley, Tom Joyce, Walt Johnson, Jeff Kennedy, Jim Kennedy, John Kennedy, Joel Trainer, Chris Weitzel, Bill Koenigseker. EMTs: Kim Watkins, Bill Koenigseker, Cathy Coffman, Chris Weitzel. First Responder-Jaime Coffman. KI Police Dept: Ron Schnittker-Chief, Ron Covert-Lt, Officers: Todd Curtis, Randy Schaefer, Mick First, Suann Baumgardner, Chris Heymeyer, Jess Pavlovics. Auxiliary Officers: Paul Buescher, Jack Wade, Bill Koenigseker.  Also included are lists of names for: PTO, KI Landowners Assoc, Chamber of Commerce, Library, Interested Citizens, Island singers, Zion United Methodist Women’s Group, St. Michael’s Alter & Rosary Society.  Lots of photos of community events, Landmarks and loads of advertisements.

1997 Yearbook – A Walk on the Wild Side
Shining in the Shadows – Emerald Isle

Yearbook is dedicated to the memory of Tom Ullrich. Enrollment 22. Graduating Senior 1996: Jeremy Mock. Graduate 1997: Michelle  Mock. Juniors and Seniors working at summer jobs. Junior High: Diana Coffman, Holly St. Julian, Joey St. Julian, Steve Petri, Lindsay Van Orman. Elementary: Will Stoup, Hilary Baily, Heather Baily, Krista St. Julian, Matt Ullrich, Chris Petri, Steve Ullrich, J. P. St. Julian Kara Collihole, Dennis Krzynowek, Jessica Joyce, Grant Grayson, Kevin Holmes, David Oblinger, Seth Schnittker, Brandon Collihole. Preschool: Kelsey Valine, Natalie Holmes, Mallory Coulon. School board: Cathy Ullrich, Pat Haig, Marie St. Julian, Jessie Martin, Walter Krzynowek, Betty Schwiefert. Charles Hoffman principal. Lisa O’Dee school secretary. Dr. Gale Leimbach school supt. Teachers: Caryn Lee, Lisa Lattimore, Pat Seeholzer, Donna Singer, Claudia Brown, Lucy Collins. Government: William Minshall III Mayor, Claudia Brown Clerk/Treasurer, Lisa O’Dee Asst. Clerk.
                Island Assets: Nice write up about some of our long time residents: Heinz Boker, Kurt Boker, “Sonny” Elfers, Mary Augusta McKillips, Ellis Hughes, Raymond & Gizella Feyedelem, Lydia Ruth (Dwelle) Bechtel.
                Photos and short articles about life on the Island by the students. Loads of pictures and advertisements.