Newsletter Archive 1980s

1986 September – This is our first newsletter. We announced that KIHA would be accepting the deed to the Stone Church and hold a celebratory lunch at the Zion Church. There is also a short history of the German Reformed Church.

1987 May – Events for the year include Dr. Richard C. Knopf and ‘200 years and still pioneering’; slide show by the Firelands Council of the Historical Society, The History of Kelleys Island by Betty Niedecker, an Art Show, Annual meeting, Tour of Homes and Butterfly Festival. Plans for 200th anniversary of the Northwest Ordinance and U. S. Constitution as well as the Centennial of Kelleys Island becoming a Village.

1987 July– Auction to be held at Butterfly Festival. Hill’s History of Kelleys Island and cookbook available. Centennial of Village of Kelleys Island and 60th anniversary of Matso’s Place this year (the longest operating family business on the Island).

1987 November – Directors and Officers: Donald Haas, Nadine Mack, Florence McKillips, Lydia Bechtel, June Campbell, Helena Coulon, Ila Dick, Russell Matso and Donna Nowak. Lydia Bechtel is honored for her outstanding service. The History of Kelleys Island, Commemorative Plates and cook books offered for sale.

1988 May – Florence McKillips to arrange for pick up of items for the Butterfly Festival sale. Cookbooks to be reprinted.

1988 July – Revisions to the Constitution and By-Laws. Cookin’ up a Storm, a cookbook compiled by Bea Matso, is in the works (and, since we found a box of them, these are again available in our Gift Shop!). Rev. J. W. Walton marked 25 years serving the Islands.

1989 May – Tour of Homes coming, Art Show to be July 15, Membership Drive, and a list of memorial donations.

1989 July – KIHA season ends with Butterfly Festival with program by Dr. Jane Forsythe. organized by Ila Dick and June Campbell. Lydia Bechtel organizes the Art Show. Lydia Bechtel’s painting, “Lost Sandunes,” to be auctioned off. Tour of Homes a success. This year featured stone structures and Godfried Schock. It took 43 people to make this event happen!