Newsletter Archive 2000-2009

2000 May – This is the first year for the 50/50 raffle. A little history about Estes School. Rick Holmes writes about “A Killer Pig” that chased him in the mid 1960’s, as he, Joel Feyedelem, Bob Swanson, Jack Lamb, Dave Gast and Francie Betzenheimer were trying to get to the Corsair.

2000 November – Celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries: Roger & Madeleine Williams, Gerry & Lyle Bickley, Frankie & Laura Jean Pohorence, and Bonnie & Ted Blatt. KIHA meetings were moved to the evening with a pot luck and there was an annual pig roast. Bill Martin portrayed General Robert E. Lee as part of his presentation. Anne Sennish writes about the adventures of skinny dipping. Arnold Scheele’s painting ‘Peace’ was donated by Richard DeBoard, It was found in a barn and Lydia Bechtel arranged for the cleaning and preservation.

2001 May – The second 50/50 raffle is held (the first one being so successful). The new Butterfly Trail is cut into the lot behind the church and museum. Our first ever website is on its way to becoming a reality. Leslie Korenko is working on a project to get the Islander Journals microfilmed.

2001 July – Melanie Moldovan speaks on Butterfly habitat (Sept. meeting); Bob Luckay talks about Indian Heritage (October meeting) and Chris Yako talks about the theatrical years with Beatrice and John Himmelein at the June meeting. Delores Cole brings the KIHA website online for the first time. Bob Luckay worked to create a butterfly trail behind the museum and Bill Sowers donates his work to remove stumps to clear the land for the new museum.

2002 Spring – Vi Feyedelem manages the gift shop. Sewage, Zoning and the EPA are hurdles remaining for the new building. Claudia Brown to hold an afternoon paint workshop.

2002 September – The EPA approves the holding tank for the new museum building and bidding is underway. The VFW donated fold-up picnic tables for our use (Thanks Mike Feyedelem). A new information board is installed on the Butterfly Trail (Thanks Bob Luckay). 2003 officers: Pres-Rick Holmes, VP- Mike Feyedelem, Treas-Vi Feyedelem, Sec.-Marge Clapper, other Board Members: Ila Dick, Russ Matso, Rita Eaton, Claudia Brown. Russ and Bea Matso will have their fabulous food, Lisa Matso does games, and Pat & Lori Hayes will be tagging butterflies. Teri Betzenheimer’s quilt is ‘Pinecone Starts’ dedicated to her grandparents Emma and Alexander Betzenheimer. The number of Board Members was reduced from 9 to 7.

2003 June – Requests for estimates for the new museum building are requested and Betty Pape to speak on wineries at the Sept. meeting.

2004 Winter – A touching farewell to Dr. Heinz Boker, and stories from Christmas past from Sis McKillips, and Franklin and Laura Jean Pohorence.

2004 Spring – Lee Brown writes about ice boat adventures. Russ Matso talks about ice and fishing (but not ice fishing) while Frank Pohorence talks about ice boats. Look through the list of Island people born in Ireland, taken from Census records.

2004 Summer – Ted Blatt and his amazing collection of Keys. Celebrate Memorial Day – May 30, 1924.

2004 Fall – The sewage system is installed for the new building. Carol Schnittker holds a concert on the church organ. Lydia Bechtel talks about harvesting grapes in the 1930’s.

2005 Winter – Geraldine Betzenheimer talks about winter life on the Island as a child. Jake Martin shares stories about winter, ice fishing and respecting the ice.

2005 Spring – The new museum building design is complete, several winter pictures and list of Charter Members.

2005 Summer – A little history on each house featured in the Tour of Homes. The U. S. Postal Service offers a special cancellation for one day only for the Butterfly Festival – it is winged bear chasing a butterfly. Celebrate Memorial Day. The foundation for the new museum is poured.

2005 Fall – The Postal Service Butterfly Bear cancellation is a success. The new museum building takes shape, and another Tour of Homes is scheduled.

2006 Winter – Excerpts from Rosella (Elfers) Beatty’s diary, Jan-March 1948

2006 Spring – Excerpts from Rosella (Elfers) Beatty’s diary, March-June 1948. We remember Betsy Walcott.

2006 Summer – Lydia Bechtel donates some wonderful artifacts. Put-in-Bay’s Lake Erie Islands Historical Society visits the museum. Excerpts from Rosella Beatty’s diary, June-July 1948

2006 Fall  – We mourn the loss of Russ Matso and Kurt Boker. Pictures from the Butterfly Festival.

2007 Winter – William S. Webb writes to his wife a series of letters chronically his time in service in the 130th Regiment, Co. K, of the Ohio National Guard, often referred to as the 100 Day Men. Their first station was on Johnson’s Island, but later they were reassigned to Point of Rocks. These letters include June 5-10 1864.

2007 Spring-Summer – William S. Webb continues to write home with letters dated June 11-16, 1864.

2007 Fall – A report on the Butterfly Festival. A story about The Islander II newspaper which was published from 1937-38, and Webb’s letters continue, June 16-18, 1864.

2008 Winter – We mourn the passing of our dearest supporter, Lydia Bechtel. Roger Williams writes about a 1930’s motor boat. Webb’s letters continue-June 23, 1864. Another loss to the Island – Robert Erne. Ken Akers writes about his Great Grandfather John Stokes and his early life on the Island.

2008 Spring – We receive several grants for museum equipment and furniture. Authors of Erie Wrecks West, Georgann & Mike Wachter, to speak. Read Webb’s letters June 23-25. Mrs. Magiotti’s ‘noodles’ are remembered by Roger Williams and Anne Sennish recalls Dining Alfresco on Addison St.

2008 Summer – One wet home tour, Webb letter June 28, 1864, Lake Erie Islands Historical Society visits our museum for the third time. Progress is being made on the new building interior.

2008 Fall – Read Webb’s letter of June 28, 1864 and a report on the Butterfly Fest. We were scavenging for store displays and high praise for Sharon McIntire.

2009 Spring – Read about the Home Tour, William S. Webb letters and a 1926 review of Norman Hills history book about the Island.

2009 Summer – Our new memory walk and more Civil War letters

2009 Fall  – An article about the History of the Island Jail by Leslie Korenko and more Webb letters.

2009 Winter – We mourn the death of Jessie Martin and Gerry Bickley. Webb’s letters continue and we meet the Adam Bareis family when they visit the museum.