Kelleys Life 2020

Editor-Lisa Klonaris, Publisher-Sharon Leidheiser. Contributors – so many Island people.

COVID 19 was introduced to the United States in 2019. 2020 was the year that the U. S. and the Island went into lock down. You can see how this epidemic affected Island activities and dominated our news.

Kelleys Life Jan-Feb 2020 – Annual Park Decorating Party, photos of Thanksgiving weekend and the Christmas potluck. Mike Feyedelem’s name goes up on VFW pavilion. Seed Library is coming, Matt & Mandy Stock married. Serving our Seniors and KI Landowners Assoc. work on a transportation project and survey of senior needs. Bald Eagle update, owl fest pics and a bird banding update. Obituary for Roger Williams Jr. Updates from the Mayor, EMS, Chamber and the Zion Church looks back.

Kelleys Life March-Apr 2020 – Drain repair on Division St., KI School Board honors Kelleys Life, Serving our Seniors and KI Landowners Assoc. work on reimbursement program for senior travel. Reports from the chamber, EMS, VFW, Historical Assoc. Nature Camp planned, Seed Library (for sharing seeds) established, the Junior Naturalist Program is explained. Great Lakes Island Alliance plans a summer for October. Obits for James T. Murray and Howard “Bill” Koenigseker. Pollinator Partnership explain and The Inn celebrates 30 years.

Kelleys Life May-June 2020 – Meet the new Kelleys Life publisher – Sharon Leidheiser. News from the last few months pretty much centers around the COVID-19 impact. There are updates from the Landowners Assoc, Historical Assoc, State Park, Audubon Club, Police Dept., EMS, and Chamber. Jack Wade marries. Obits for Joanne Golias and Leo Goldner. a little history about The Island Telegraph Cable (1875) part 1.

Kelleys Life July 2020 – The Mayor reports on violent storms, damage and power outages (there are photos). News from the 4-H Camp (75th anniversary on the Island). The KIPD reflects on the tragedy of George Floyd in Minn., building relationships and keeping our Island safe. KILA distributed reusable cloth masks to the community. KIHA displays feature Woman’s Suffrage in 1867 and Island Doctors and announces new History Blog. Make-a-Wish swim still on (the first one was in 1995). KICC has a new website and announces event rescheduling. Serving our Seniors discuss changes in Sr. lunch program and give health tips. The history of the Island’s Telegraph Cable (part 2) “The Longest Fresh Water Sub-Marine Telegraph Cable in the World.” Obituary for Marian Goldner. KIAC updates events and news. Lake Erie Island bird census and Tom Bartlett reports on the Island’s spring bird banding. Camp Patmos updates. KI Pollinators and Partnerships – what got planted and who helped make it possible.

Kelleys Life August 2020 – Teddy’s big adventure. A little girl gets her teddy back along with photos of his big Island adventure. Updates from St. Michael’s Church includes plans to construct a new 5,000 sq ft’ event hall. KILA orders signs and passes out face masks to keep Kelleys safe. Cindra and Jeni had to cancel the Golf Cart Poker Run but will still do their swim. The KI museum received artifacts for their collection. The Chamber laments cancellation of Island Fest and other events, the (movie) show goes on, KI’s Got Talent gets a makeover and the fireworks are rescheduled for Sept. 5. Treasure Island day is still on. Chuck & Cindy Herndon celebrate her birthday with a face mask kiss. Leslie Korenko tells the story of that big building at the State Park. There is a Serving Our Seniors survey on page 10. Ray Arnold is remembered. Geo Caching is popular. KI Audubon talks about the Fall migration. What to do if you catch a tagged fish. Safe boating for dogs.

Kelleys Life Sept-October 2020 – Make a Wish swim delayed. Mayors Desk: COVID 19 update, Steve Wermuth is the new Village Administrator, paving is underway on McGettigan, Memory, Fernwood and the Transfer Station road. Nature Camp adapts. High water along E. Lakeshore is still a problem. Reports: Chamber (KIs Got Talent); Audubon (hikes replace meetings and pot lucks, three eagle nests are productive on the Island), KI Historical Assoc. (update on events and displays); KI Landowners; Library to host puzzle exchange. A bat survey us underway. There is a history of the KI Library. Obituaries for Lawrence Raphael Sennish (1926-2020) and Benjamin Tuler Brower (age 42). The KI Field Station hosts Science Saturdays.

Kelleys Life November-December 2020 – Jan Wermuth is the new Editor of Kelleys Life as Lisa Klonaris passes the torch. The Mayor thanks: Ted Klonaris and the West Bay Inn for donating over $6,000 to the EMS Assoc (from the Queen of Hearts raffle); McKay Bros. (the cell tower people) contributed $30,000 for the paving of the transfer station road; and thanks to the chamber for the fireworks on Labor Day; road resurfacing completed on McGettigan, Memory, Fernwood and the transfer station. Christmas pot luck cancelled. The Make-a-Wish swim (Cindra Mielke and Jeni Hammond) finally happened on August 22 after several delays. Council voted to change Life flight providers moving from St. Vincent Medical Center to MetroHealth. TeleHealth will be offered (so you don’t have to take a trip off-island); Erie Co. will work to coordinate clinic services; plans to combine EMS and Fire Depts. The Erie Co. Health clinics to restart; hopefully the Island library will be reopening. The KI History Museum share some of its newly donated artifacts. Pastor Ginny Park recognized as an Upstanding citizen as she retires. KI chamber officers are: President-Todd Hanes, VP Dawn Soldner, Secretary-Janet Wermuth. Korenko writes about the history of the Island’s stone fences. KILA board elections: Jim Coleman, Frank Dodson, Janet Killam, Jennifer Pieratt, Todd Hanes, Melanie Bates and Chris Kipfer. KI Audubon recaps banding results and Field Station. Obituaries: Caroline DeBoard, Thomas Voltz, Violet Feyedelem. The KI field Station reports on KI Pollinators and Partnerships network. Camp Patmos plans to open in 2021.