Our School 1900-1909

OUR SCHOOL 1900-1909 1900 COMMENCEMENT  (as reported by the Sandusky Register) – Giving due credit to Prof. Overmeyer and his associate teachers, the citizens of Kelley’s Island witnessed one of the best commencements ever given on the island. Notwithstanding the fact that the novice orators, both male and female, displayed a great amount of reserve,… Continue reading Our School 1900-1909

Our School 1800s

Hamilton Collection Box 14 Folder K HN 5048

OUR SCHOOL IN THE 1800sOf course there were no yearbooks, but we do have some great photos. At one time there were four school districts on the Island each one was a small, one-room school building. Below: Photo taken at the Stone School House which was built in 1853. The 7th annual commencement of the… Continue reading Our School 1800s

Our School 2000

OUR SCHOOL 2000 1901-2001 Yearbook100 years of education, 1901-2001 Monthly recap of activities. Faculty & Staff: Jason Bacik, Tony Joyce, John Hinton, Gwen Harkelroad, Erin Laybourne, Mary Ward, Lisa O’Dee, Ralph Roshong, Karen Wisner, Chris Beatty, Phyllis Humphrey, Michael O’Brien, Pat Seeholzer. Board of Education: Cathy Ullrich, Debra Holmes, Patricia Haig, Robby Zettler, Molly Minshall,… Continue reading Our School 2000

Our School 1990s

OUR SCHOOL IN THE 1990s 1995 Yearbook – Emerald Isle More than an Island Enrollment 22. Class of 1994: James Frederick Kennedy. Featured with a biography and a ‘will’ – Karrah Trainer, Jaime Tolson, Kristie Morsher. Administration: Dr. Gale Leimbach, Charles Coffman, Connie Morsher. School Board: Cathy Ullrich, Pat Haig, Marie St. Julian, Jessie Martin,… Continue reading Our School 1990s

Our School 1970s

OUR SCHOOL IN THE 1970s 1974 Yearbook – New Horizons Joel Feyedelem Editor, Pat Seeholzer Advisor. Aerial photo of school, has slide in front yard and wood foyer addition. “We dedicate our first yearbook to all the alumni of our school.”Board of Education: Florence McKillips, Virginia Kilko, Sharon Bianchi, Wayne Finger, Dominic Bianchi, Monica Feyedelem.… Continue reading Our School 1970s

Our School 1950s

OUR SCHOOL IN THE 1950s 1952 1954 – KIHS Class of ’54 – This yearbook was custom made with typed pages and black and white photos glued to the pages. It is probably one-of-a-kind. School – A brief history of the Estes School. Board of Education: Charles Schnittker-President, Alvin Betzenheimer-Vice President, Harriet Martin-Clerk, Laura Seeholzer,… Continue reading Our School 1950s

Home Town News 1983

January 1983 – Cover – Photo: House and Barn, Possible West End Conkle Property. Page 1 – Photo: Ice covered Jeep on Neuman Dock. Page 2 – Birthdays: Ruth Perruchon, Iola Riedy, Jack Sennish, Earl Davings, Kevin Haig, Vicki McKillips, Mrs Dewey Johnson, Eileen Bickley Beerck, Tony Kuchar, Theresa Bucsi, James Seaman, Florence Pohorence Chittenden,… Continue reading Home Town News 1983

Home Town News 1982

January 1982 –Font Cover: Winter. Page 1 – Highlights Of The Village Council Meeting December 3, 1981 – New Roof, Streets and Sidewalks, Fire, Planning Commission, Police, Treasurer, Litter Grant, Golf Cart License, Nick Bianchi, Russell Matso, Lee Meyers, Pat Seeholzer, Mary Schock, Jake Martin, Theo Clark, Roy Fox, No Heat in new Fire building, Someone… Continue reading Home Town News 1982

Home Town News 1981

January 1981 – Page 1: A Mouse In The Pot Of Bone soup by Caroline Taylor, Cliff Donley, Nancy Donley, Jerry Taylor, Steve McKillips, Chigger Hollow, Mice. Page 3: Obituaries: Dr. Rastus Huntington, Phyllis Huntington, Ruth Huntington Sullivan, Charles Sullivan, Ruth Ely. James P Holmes, Holly Michael, James Michael. Ruth Hefner Hunter, Patricia Cruse. Photo: Mr.… Continue reading Home Town News 1981